AI-Powered Personalization: The Secret Sauce to Skyrocket Web & Mobile App Conversions by 8% – 13%

About this Webinar

Delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences is key to the success of your online business or mobile app. But, how can you actually execute end-to-end personalization at scale?

Netcore’s recent acquisition of, a leading AI-powered personalization and recommendation engine, makes all this a game-changing reality!

Your customers continue to grow smarter and more demanding. They require context and relevance, right from the first time they land on your website or launch your app. And,’s advanced ML/AI algorithms allows you to do just that – on Smartech – enabling you to tailor-make individual customer experiences across various digital touch-points.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar
Understand the biggest conversion pain-points faced by online businesses, especially e-commerce players in highly competitive markets
Learn how Smartech, through, can help you personalize the entire customer journey across your website or mobile app, to increase conversion rates by 8%-13%
Recognize how harnesses patented AI-based models that use customer eyeball data to deliver 20% better behavioral predictions
Identify how leading e-commerce brands are leveraging to laser-focus recommendations and boost marketing ROI by 16X
Learn how you can kickstart your personalization strategy for your website or mobile app by integrating with in less than 8 minutes
Unlock unmatched customer experiences, get started now
Let us show you what's possible with Netcore.