Netcore Cloud empowers Lamudi to drive a 121% increase in click rates and 30% increase in open rates.

Key Results
Increase in click rates
Increase in open rates


Lamudi is a leading real estate agency with a market presence in 34 countries. They are headquartered in Berlin and have a team based in Manila. As an online real estate website, Lamudi focuses  exclusively on emerging markets.

Industry: Real Estate

Location:  Manila, Philippines

Category: Send Time Optimization

Solution used: Customer Engagement and Experience

Challenges :

Lamudi saw a trend of people buying and selling their properties during the pandemic and quickly stepped up to help them. The number of their B2B and B2C users exponentially increased as a result. However, the email campaign engagement rate was not growing, despite getting creative with the content.

The primary challenges were :

  • Increasing the open rates
  • Increasing the click rates
  • Growing overall engagement


Solution :

The Netcore Cloud experts’ team reviewed the deep-dived into past email data and devised send time optimization (STO) strategies based on analytical insights. Lamudi started sending their email campaigns at the recommended optimal time to each recipient and managed to increase the engagement rates in two months.

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