Indodax achieves 158% uplift in email open rates using Netcore Cloud's AI-powered email delivery

Key Results:
Uplift in email open rates
Uplift in email click rates

Company: Indodax is Indonesia’s largest crypto asset marketplace and they use blockchain. They have been serving Indonesia and South East Asia since 2014.

Industry: Cryptocurrency

Location: Indonesia

Category: AI Engine – Raman, email

Solutions Used: Netcore AI engine Raman, email



  • Low customer engagement on email: Low open rates on emails meant customers weren’t opening most of the sent emails
  • Reaching potential customers at the right time: Manually sent email campaigns had low engagement and the lack of an AI-powered email delivery system meant that humans had to guess when to send emails

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore Cloud’s AI-led email delivery solution helped Indodax by: 

  • Deploying our AI engine, Raman with STO: Profiling each email subscriber based on previous data to understand behavior in real-time across multiple touchpoints
  • Personalized campaigns to improve engagement: Sending different audiences the right emails at optimized times when they would most likely open


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