achieves an uplift of 3X in CTOR by implementing Netcore Cloud Ems and Atomic Rewards during the holiday season

Key Results
Uplift in CTOR

Company : is India’s largest online food and grocery store and fulfills customer needs of 18,000+ products and 1000+ brands in 25 cities. The Tata Group-owned e-grocery brand is headquartered in Bengaluru and has also entered offline retailing with brick-and-mortar stores.

Industry : Ecommerce

Location :  India

Category : Email 2.0

Solution used : Netcore Cloud Ems and Atomic Rewards

Challenges : wanted to go beyond the conventional email outreach to target their first-time users. They had tried regular campaigns earlier, but the engagement rates were not satisfactory. 

The primary challenges were:

  • Maintaining the freshness and appeal of the content in the email campaigns
  • Increasing the affinity and engagement (opens and clicks) with the customers
  • Activating the one-time users that the brand had never emailed earlier
  • Using email as a channel for customer acquisitions and repeat transactions


Solution :

Netcore Cloud recommended to implement Ems and Atomic Rewards to gamify the engagement and shape user behavior through email marketing. With the help of the Netcore email experts’ team, ran a holiday campaign consisting of a 5-part email series that spoke about exciting things that could be done during the long festive weekend. 


Each of the emails in the 5-part series had curated content that was informational and relevant. They were short in length, could fit into a single mobile screen, and read in 15-30 seconds. The email content was perfectly-sized for quick and easy sharing with others. The series, sent at a fixed time and in a standardized format, created a daily habit of reading them. 

Atomic Rewards

The email series also incentivized the customers for their attention and engagement with Atomic Rewards via ‘Mu’ points. They could redeem the points to get vouchers and coupons for subsequent purchases on The interaction opportunities for the rewards were finite; they had an end date that prompted quick engagement from the customers.

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