Netcore Cloud Recognized as Top 10 Marketing Automation Software Vendor for 2023 by Tekpon

Netcore Cloud, a leading global Customer Experience and Retention Marketing platform, has been named  by Tekpon as a top  choice in marketing automation for 2023.. . In its recently launched industry report featuring the Top 10 Marketing Automation Software solutions for 2023 in the United States, Tekpon recognized Netcore Cloud as a top solution.

Tekpon has been dedicated to eliminating software waste by helping companies select the best tools for their needs. As part of this mission, Tekpon releases industry reports that  enable organizations to make informed decisions about the  tools that comprise  their martech stack. The expert panel at Tekpon meticulously evaluated numerous marketing automation software options to craft their  Top 10 Marketing Automation Software report. Netcore Cloud’s selection for this prestigious recognition was based on its robust feature set, user-friendliness, positive customer feedback, high satisfaction ratings, innovation, and market reputation.

We congratulate Netcore Cloud on this well-deserved recognition,” said Tekpon. “Their marketer-friendly interface and efficient workflows make it accessible to users of varios skill levels. With positive customer feedback and high satisfaction ratings, Tekpon’s evaluation process identified Netcore Cloud as the top choice for organizations looking to enhance their marketing efforts and drive sales growth.”

Speaking about this win Nicholas Einstein, VP Product Marketing & Analyst Relations, North America, Netcore Cloud said,Tekpon’s recognition of Netcore as the top choice for marketing automation in the United States validates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and innovative products. Marketers today are under increased pressure to drive profitable growth, and our solutions enable our customer to deliver unmatched returns on their marketing investments. We help our clients identify their best customers, engage them with the right content across channels, and convert them in channel through what we refer to as inbox commerce. Moving forward, we’ll continue to enhance our automation capabilities, while addressing customer pain points and empowering customers across business verticals.”

Netcore Cloud is a bootstrapped SaaS company that helps over 6500 B2C brands and marketers across the globe create AI-powered customer experiences at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey. In the US, Netcore works with leading  brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Crocs, Walmart, Disney Hotstar, Jeromes, Express, and Dillards.

About Tekpon:

Tekpon is a software marketplace born out of the genuine desire to help people change how they consume and purchase software products and services. Behind Tekpon is a team of enthusiastic tech lovers who want to allow users to boost their lives and businesses with the right software. Furthermore, its mission is to help people and businesses make the right software choice.

About Netcore Cloud:

Netcore enables ecommerce and D2C marketers to deliver personalized digital experiences across channels. Serving over 6,500 customers across 40 countries, Netcore delivers over 1 billion experiences every day – including 500 million emails and 700 million push notifications. Netcore’s AI is trained on 25 billion+ interactions from 1,300+ e-commerce stores, making it an invaluable asset for global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Crocs, Walmart, Disney Hotstar, Jeromes, Express, and Dillards. These brands trust Netcore to optimize the shopper experience, boosting conversions and repeat purchases while providing high ROI through a comprehensive intelligence stack that unifies customer data and an AI-enhanced catalog.

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