EP #68: Leveraging digitization to meet your customers’ needs like Africa’s top travel company, Wakanow

EP #68: Leveraging digitization to meet your customers’ needs like Africa’s top travel company, Wakanow

About this Podcast

As the effects of the pandemic start to wear off after over 17 months, the travel industry is bracing itself for future growth as people are eager to start travelling again. The travel industry is also in a period of transition as they embrace technology like never before.Digital Transformation has completely transformed the way travel companies communicate and engage their customers.

Wakanow is Africa’s one-stop shop for low-cost flights, hotel bookings, and airport pick-ups. They assist travelers in researching, planning, and booking trips. Founded in 2008, they recently raised $40 million in funding and focus extensively on being technology savvy. 

To comprehend the issues that travel brands face in communicating with their customers and how digitization has helped them anticipate and meet customers needs better, we caught up with Sodie Osei-Bonsu, Country Manager at Wakanow Ghana and Chukwuemeka Anene, Team Lead- Creative and Digital Marketing at Wakanow Nigeria.

They shared interesting insights on:

  • How technology had proved to be a differentiator in the travel industry
  • Leveraging the power of different digital channels to connect with the customers
  • How faceless communication has become the new normal post COVID
  • Providing travelers with COVID-19 related guidelines and information on the website
  • Staying up to speed with the world in terms of technology and new demands
  • How digitization has helped predict what customers are looking for
  • Use of SMS and email marketing to instantly attract the attention of customers

Tune in to understand how travel brands can seamlessly address communication related challenges by leveraging digitization to effectively engage with their customers. 

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