COVID-19 Series|EP #3: Are Your Customers Rolling Their Eyes at Your Email Content?

About this Podcast

Everyone knows there is a pandemic. Everyone knows they need to wash their hands. Are you sending out emails that sound like the 48 other brands in their inbox? Are you sending out the same CEO statement that has been regurgitated over and over again? “Ugh not another one of THOSE” – Your Customer. We are all operating under different rules right now. Make sure your messaging is useful and appropriate for these unprecedented times. Tune in to hear as Kait Creamer, CRM Marketing Manager, Framer & Dennis Dayman views on the same.

Quick Snapshot
In this podcast, they discussed
Examining your email marketing
Adjust your messaging to reflect the current state of things
Share useful information. Don’t be tone-deaf
Unlock unmatched customer experiences, get started now
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