User experience beyond the design: A guide for product growth managers
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User experience beyond design: A guide for product managers

Why do you need this ebook?

A great user experience is what it takes to make your app a success. User experience is largely about all interactions a user has with your product (app in this case). And this goes much beyond what a user sees on the app interface. Beyond designs, layouts, colours, CTAs, user experience focuses on meeting the user’s needs based on their specific JTBD (jobs-to-be-done). This is precisely where product managers need to step in and take up a crucial role in shaping and optimizing the user experience. 

This ebook is all you need to implement the right strategies to drive user experiences that delight, engage and retain users.

Here’s what this ebook covers:

  • Making your app a ‘wow’ instead of ‘it works’ by leveraging different aspects of user experience
  • Living in the experience economy where user experiences goes beyond design and layout
  • The need for product managers to take a front seat in driving great user experiences
  • Surefire ways to optimize the user experience on mobile apps
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