10 Mistakes D2C Ecommerce Brands Must Never Commit
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10 Mistakes D2C Ecommerce Brands Must Never Commit

Why do you need this ebook?

55% of customers are looking to buy directly from brands. 40% of customers will shop from the D2C brand in the next 5 years. And 82% of consumers have between zero and four D2C relationships. (Source)

The D2C business model is booming and has immense potential, but not all D2C brands will succeed. Why? Because there are some common D2C traps that many D2C brands keep falling into, resulting in low AOV, conversions, and retention. This ebook will help you identify what they are and how you can ditch them to turn over these metrics.

In this Ebook, you will learn :


  • Challenges faced by D2C ecommerce brands
  • How a lack of personalization affects ecommerce marketing
  • The importance of search personalization
  • Retargeting to increase customer engagement
  • The impact of catalog analytics
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