Vom Engagement zum Erlebnis

Erstellen Sie ansprechende E-Mail-Kampagnen, wählen Sie die richtigen Personen aus, und versenden Sie sie zum richtigen Zeitpunkt.

AI to make every
email impactful
Send to millions in
Automate workflows
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Verwertbare Einblicke
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AI to make every email impactful

Prädiktive Segmentierung: Wählen Sie die Zielgruppe für Ihre Kampagnen aus, die sich am ehesten engagiert

Predictive Engagement: Get best-in-class inboxing for your email campaigns

Optimierung der Sendezeit: Deliver emails at the right time and get maximum ROI

Optimierung von Betreffzeilen: Optimize your subject lines based on historical performance

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Send to millions in a minute 1

"Senden Sie an Millionen in einer Minute "

"Senden Sie Ihre E-Mails an einen einzelnen Nutzer oder an Millionen von Nutzern gleichzeitig - wir sorgen für einen reibungslosen Posteingang. Entwerfen Sie ansprechende, responsive E-Mail-Vorlagen mit einem Drag-and-Drop-Editor. "
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Automatisieren Sie Arbeitsabläufe mit dem intuitiven Journey Builder

Erstellen Sie mühelos personalisierte Customer Journeys mit unserem intuitiven Drag-and-Drop-Journey-Builder. Leiten Sie Ihre Benutzer bei jedem Schritt zur richtigen Aktion an.
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Actionable insights for better decisions

Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über die Leistung Ihrer Kampagne. Unsere Berichte helfen Ihnen, Daten besser zu analysieren, Trends aufzuspüren und die nächstbeste Aktion zu empfehlen.
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FAQ's on Email Marketing

What is email marketing ?

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Email marketing is a type of marketing that comprises sending commercial emails to subscribers on your email list. These emails aim to engage the audience; they might be transactional, promotional, or informative. Emails that are well-crafted, tailored, segmented, and sent at the proper time can help you enhance your customer relationships and promote brand loyalty. Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers informed about new product releases, special offers, and other services.

How to do email marketing ?

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Email marketing has the highest ROI than any other marketing channel; getting it correct can be critical to your company/business’s success. If you’re confused about where to begin with email marketing or want to improve your current email marketing campaigns, then look no further; Netcore’s email marketing team is here to help you create beautiful campaigns, target the appropriate people and send them at the perfect time. Choose and personalize from attractive template options, build emails that connect with your audiences, and watch your campaigns succeed! Get access to a suite of tools to develop engaging campaigns leveraging AI to get the best-in-class inboxing by sending emails at the right time and to the right users.

Why email marketing is important ?

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Email is used by nine out of ten people, and taking advantage of this channel can open up a plethora of opportunities for your company or business. An effective email campaign may help you engage and connect with your audience, generate revenue, and foster long-term relationships with your customers. It's an excellent approach to maintaining and growing customer relationships with former and current customers. It allows you to interact with them directly in their inbox at a time convenient for them.

What is A/B testing in email marketing ?

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In email marketing, A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves splitting your audience into two groups and sending one version of your email to one group and a different version to the other to observe how the two audiences react to your emails. This technique helps us determine which version of the email campaign yields the best results, using those email elements to build effective email campaigns in the future.

How to collect emails for email marketing ?

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When establishing your email list, it's vital to have permission from your subscribers so that they agree to receive emails; otherwise, your email reputation could suffer. Users can willingly enroll on your email list by clicking on the sign-up button on your digital ads, subscription on your website, or pop-up forms on your web pages. You can also attract subscribers by conducting events and reaching out to potential consumers.

What are the four types of email marketing ?

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Knowing what type of email to send at what time is crucial. Here are four types of emails you can send :

  • Promotional :
  • Promotional emails are a strategy to send a commercial message to your subscribers, usually with a call to action at the end. These emails contain offers, brand announcements, event invitations, product releases, and more. They encourage people to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, downloading a file, or subscribing to a service. These emails are pretty effective, with 66% of customers making a purchase due to receiving them.

  • Relational :
  • Relational emails are a technique to provide informative content to your consumers through newsletters, corporate updates, blog posts, and other means. These emails may not have a call to action to make a purchase, but they can help you improve your relationship, create trust with your subscribers, and position you as an industry thought leader.

  • Transactional :
  • Transactional emails are automatic emails that respond to a customer's specific action as a trigger email. A purchase confirmation and shipping details are examples of transactional emails. They may not add much value to your customers, yet they are expected; failing to deliver these emails can reflect unreliability to the consumer.

  • Triggered :
  • Trigger emails are one-to-one emails between the customer and the brand, personalized for a specific event; they get triggered by the customer’s specific actions or behavioral patterns. Trigger emails include welcome communications, abandoned cart reminders, birthday messages, and transactional emails. These emails are part of the automated cycle and are highly tailored for the user, resulting in a two-fold increase in open rates compared to other emails.

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