Navigating the World of Martech with Rajesh Jain: From Startup to Proficorn
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Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi

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Navigating the World of Martech with Rajesh Jain: From Startup to Proficorn

Published : August 24, 2023

In the enlightening episode of “The Brand Called You,” host Ashutosh Garg engages in a profound conversation with Rajesh Jain, a distinguished entrepreneur and marketing maestro hailing from Mumbai. 

Diving deep into the intricate world of martech (marketing technology), Jain elucidates its pivotal role in the contemporary digital landscape. Drawing from his rich experience as the founder and managing director of Netcore Cloud and the brain behind the concept of ‘Proficorn,’ Jain offers invaluable insights into the shift businesses need to make from ad tech to martech.

This episode promises a comprehensive understanding of how businesses can maximize value, retain customers, and achieve sustainable profitability in the digital age.

10 Key Insights and Learnings To Expect from the Podcast

1. Rajesh’s Journey:

From studying at IIT Bombay and Columbia University to founding India’s first internet portals, IndiaWorld, Rajesh’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by both challenges and triumphs.

2. Understanding Martech:

Martech focuses on the retention and growth of customers, maximizing value from existing customers, and creating personalized customer journeys.

3. Shift from Ad Tech to Martech:

Rajesh advocates for a shift from ad tech to martech to eliminate ad waste and boost profitability.

4. Profitability Challenge:

Many digital and e-commerce businesses struggle with profitability due to an overemphasis on new customer acquisition and not nurturing existing customers.

5. Introducing Profipoly:

Rajesh introduces the concept of “Profipoly,” a combination of profits and monopoly. The goal is to maximize profit share, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.

6. Common Martech Mistakes:

Overemphasis on new customer acquisition, lack of personalization, and not leveraging data effectively are some common pitfalls.

7. AI and Machine Learning in Martech:

The integration of AI and machine learning allows brands to predict customer behavior, create personalized experiences, and maximize lifetime value.

8. Digital Twins in Marketing:

The concept of creating a digital replica of every customer can predict their next action, enhancing personalized marketing efforts.

9. Attention Recession:

With the proliferation of mobile devices, brands face the challenge of capturing and retaining customer attention amidst numerous distractions.

10. Consumer Behavior Influences:

The shift to mobile and voice search has significantly impacted martech, necessitating brands to adapt and evolve their strategies.


Rajesh Jain’s insights offer a deep dive into the world of martech, emphasizing the need for businesses to evolve and adapt in the face of changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements. By understanding and leveraging martech effectively, brands can not only enhance customer experiences but also achieve sustainable growth and profitability in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Written By: Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi
Zaid, a skilled growth marketer with a flair for writing, is dedicated to producing results-driven content. He is passionate about MarTech topics and often researches & writes blogs around it. With a talent for both short-form and long-form content, he has a knack to hold his audience's attention through compelling storytelling and insightful narratives.