A Tell-All Tale of Email Deliverability
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A Tell-All Tale of Email Deliverability

Published : December 7, 2017

Email marketing has come a long way from sending 400 mails per day in 1978 (tagged as mass mail then) to sending about billions of emails per day today. It has been over 40 years since the start of first bulk mailing, but emails still predate over other marketing channels as the best marketing strategy even in the all-pervasive age of social media.

We already know that for higher engagement, good data hygiene practices must be followed. We implement various brand building techniques, so that relevant targeting and maximum ROI is achieved.

But what really goes into making all these ideas possible?

It is the Email Deliverability, which means, ensuring email delivery to not just recipients’ mailbox, but to their inbox.

Email Deliverability depends on a host of factors – sender’s domain and IP reputation being two of the major ones. Every Email Service Provider (ESP) has its own spam filters. To create good reputation at any ESP, there are 3 necessary checks –

  1. Right content
  2. High infrastructure reputation
  3. Appropriate audience targeting based on the customer’s preferences

A proper mix of the above is necessary to sustain inboxing rates and the reputation of each marketing campaign.

After a campaign is sent, close monitoring of delivery servers is necessary to keep a check on mail accepting limits of each ESP. For new senders, particularly, it takes time to increase delivery throughput per day, pertaining to such limits. Real-time inbox monitoring helps to understand the inboxing trend and behaviour for rest of the data to be targeted in the list. Hence, best mailing time can be determined and delivery can be optimised by sending campaigns in that time frame. Instant user engagement just within few seconds of delivery helps in building ground for inboxing of remaining mails in queue. Good list hygiene with active audience and proper data segmentation is therefore detrimental in providing higher inbox delivery of brand.

Adherence or non-adherence to email marketing best practices differentiates a “good sender” from a “bad one”. And, this is how the most genuine mails reach to a user’s inbox after giving a tough fight to unsolicited emails which we not-so-fondly call as ‘spam’ mails.

So, deliverability isn’t just a part of Email Marketing, but it forms the crux of any Email Service Provider.

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