Startup to Proficorn: Podcast Between Rajesh Jain & Swarajya’s Avani Kalyani
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Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi

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Startup to Proficorn: Podcast Between Rajesh Jain & Swarajya’s Avani Kalyani

Published : August 23, 2023

Venturing into the nuanced realm of martech (marketing technology), Jain unpacks its significance in today’s digital world. With a wealth of experience as the founder and managing director of Netcore Cloud and the genius behind the ‘Proficorn’ notion, Jain sheds light on the crucial transition businesses must undergo: moving from ad tech to martech.

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10 Key Takeaways from the Podcast:

Rajesh’s Odyssey:

Chart Rajesh’s path from his academic years at IIT Bombay and Columbia University to pioneering India’s internet portal landscape with IndiaWorld, peppered with both hurdles and accolades.

Martech Unveiled:

Delve into how martech champions customer retention and growth, amplifies value from existing clientele, and crafts tailored customer experiences.

The Ad Tech to Martech Transition:

Hear Rajesh’s perspective on transitioning from ad tech to martech to curtail ad redundancies and elevate profit margins.

Navigating Profitability:

Unravel the challenges digital ventures face when prioritizing new customer influx over cultivating existing relationships.

Profipoly Unwrapped:

Jain unveils “Profipoly,” an amalgamation of profits and monopoly, aiming for dominant profit margins and enduring growth.

Martech Missteps:

Discover frequent oversights in martech like overprioritizing new clientele, sidestepping personalization, and underutilizing data.

AI’s Role in Martech:

Explore the transformative potential of AI and machine learning in forecasting customer tendencies, curating personal encounters, and optimizing long-term value.

The Digital Twin Paradigm:

Grasp the idea of crafting a digital counterpart for every consumer, anticipating their subsequent moves, and enhancing personalized marketing initiatives.

Combatting Attention Dwindling:

In an age of ubiquitous mobile devices, discern how brands can captivate and sustain customer attention amidst countless distractions.

Martech’s Mobile Evolution:

Recognize how the surge in mobile and voice searches shapes martech, urging brands to recalibrate and refresh their strategies.

In Summary

Rajesh Jain’s deep-rooted insights provide a comprehensive journey into martech’s universe, underlining businesses’ imperative to pivot and refresh in light of evolving consumer inclinations and tech innovations. By deciphering and harnessing martech, brands are poised to not only elevate customer journeys but also champion consistent growth and profitability amidst a challenging competitive arena.

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Written By: Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi
Zaid, a skilled growth marketer with a flair for writing, is dedicated to producing results-driven content. He is passionate about MarTech topics and often researches & writes blogs around it. With a talent for both short-form and long-form content, he has a knack to hold his audience's attention through compelling storytelling and insightful narratives.