21 best nudges & walkthroughs use cases for OTT apps
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21 best nudges & walkthroughs use cases for OTT apps

Published : September 2, 2021

The way users consume content has changed drastically with the pandemic only expediting this change. Mobile app brands have now shifted their focus to more user-driven strategies that run on user preferences and behavior to customize the user experience. While the growth opportunity is immense, so is the competition. Hence, a well-packaged product experience keeping contextual nudges & walkthroughs at the center of it is important in driving value to both users and the business. 

In this blog, we will explore some essential contextual nudges & walkthroughs you must implement across the app user’s journey. By the end of the blog, you will have your hands on some winning use cases to fuel your app’s growth!

  • OTT – Movie streaming services 

Just as a rich content library is a must, a great user experience across every stage of the user lifecycle is important to help users discover, engage, and interact with the content and app features that make them stick to your app. 

Alongside delivering personalized content recommendations, you can explore these multiple nudges use cases that craft unique product experiences for every user persona based on their preferences, browsing & search history, behavior on the app, and other attributes (language, location, gender, etc) with absolute finesse. 

  1. Start with seamless onboarding of your new users

If users aren’t able to find value in their first interaction, they’re highly likely to abandon the app and move to the next app. You need to take a comprehensive approach to the onboarding experience and make it personalized throughout. 

  • Ask users to select their preferred genres and languages
  • Deploy a tool-tip saying “Sign up for a free trial” 
  • Nudge users to “sign up for a more personalized experience” 
Sign up for a more personalized experience - Nudges & Walkthroughs
  • Nudge users to set up their profile – “Setup profiles for family and friends”
  • Nudge users to check out free content 
Nudge users to check out free content - Nudges & Walkthroughs
  • Nudge users to watch the first episode of premium content 

Prioritizing these nudges helps you deliver a smooth onboarding experience, achieve faster user activation, and engage users in a way that makes them come back to your app for more. 

  1. Contextually engage and retain current and power-users

With a freemium model and fresh content, it’s easy to attract new users, but it’s difficult to retain them and convert them into paying customers. Below are a few nudge use cases you could implement on your app to drive retention and convert freemium users to premium ones. 

  • If a user has been idle on the app for a while, highlight the search feature -”Search for your favorite movies/tv-shows here”
Search for your favorite movies/tv-shows here - Nudges & Walkthroughs
  • If a user is about to drop-off from a video, nudge them to download and watch it later 
  • After users have watched a couple of episodes, nudge them to download and watch further episodes offline 
Nudge them to download and watch further episodes offline
  • Nudge users to add movies/series to their watchlist to enjoy easy access once they return to the app 
  • If a user is watching a trailer, nudge them to set a reminder for the release date 
Nudge them to set a reminder for the release date
  • Nudge users to add a reminder for the upcoming new episodes of a series they’ve been following 
  • Nudge users to browse through different content categories 
  • For the segment of users who’ve been watching free content, implement a walkthrough highlighting the different subscription packages, benefits of each and encourage users to subscribe now to access premium content. 
Encourage users to subscribe now to access premium content- Nudges & Walkthroughs

By guiding users with nudges & walkthroughs at the right moment you can ace your key metrics like feature discovery & adoption, app user engagement, conversions, upselling, retention, and keep the revenue curve rising. 

  • OTT – Music streaming services 

Unlimited music streaming, access to the latest music, creating personalized playlists with your favorite artist’s songs, listening to podcasts, has got smartphone users rocking to its tunes. While there is no singular path to engaging users on the app, contextual nudges & walkthroughs prove to be a great tool in the overall in-app engagement strategy. 

Below are the major nudges & walkthroughs use cases you can implement based on which stage the user is in the user journey. 

  1. Ensuring a seamless first-time experience begins with onboarding: 
  • Personalize the onboarding journey by asking users their preferences – favorite genres, artists, language preferences. 
  • Highlight the search feature to encourage users to search for their favorite songs
  • Nudge users to create their first playlist by adding their favorite songs 
Nudge users to create their first playlist by adding their favorite songs

This helps in delivering a better app onboarding experience, increase user activation, enhance Day 0 retention and improve app engagement. 

  1. Keeping users engaged throughout: 
  • Based on users history, highlight relevant playlists 
  • Deploy a walkthrough and nudge users to follow a podcast series, again based on users behavior and preferences on the app 
Nudges & Walkthroughs to follow a podcast series
  • If users have heard 2 or more episodes of a podcast, nudge them to share it with their friends & family 
Nudges & Walkthroughs to share it with their friends & family
  • Nudge users to download and listen to songs offline 
  • Nudge users to rate their app experience
Nudge users to rate their app experience
  • If a user repeatedly listens to a song, nudge them to add it to their playlist or nudge them to like the song 
  • Nudge active users to subscribe to listen to ad-free music 
Nudge active users to subscribe to listen to ad-free music

These are a few of the many use cases you must implement to further drive feature discovery & adoption, increase conversion from freemium to premium, keep users engaged throughout the app journey and ensure the perfect product experience across every interaction. 

All said and done, did you know that deploying these nudges & walkthroughs takes not hours but only 15 minutes without the need to write a single line of code.
Excited to see how you can implement these use cases on your app with our No-code Product Experience platform? Book a demo with us! 

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Written By: Mariam Hazrat