Netcore Cloud recognized as one of the top 15 providers that matter the most in the Forrester Wave’s CCMH Report
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Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi

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Netcore Cloud recognized as one of the top 15 providers that matter the most in the Forrester Wave’s CCMH Report

Published : April 26, 2023 | Updated : May 20, 2024

Today’s customers demand customized, relevant interactions at every touchpoint, spanning various channels. As their preferences keep shifting, brands are under constant pressure to deliver tailored experiences that meet their expectations.

In order to meet these expectations, brands are now shifting their focus towards cross-channel communications, creating campaigns that can engage consumers across multiple devices and platforms. The goal is to provide the best experience and capture the attention of customers, whichever platform they may be.

There is no dearth of organizations that provide such powerful cross-channel solutions for B2C customers. Forrester terms these platforms as a Cross Channel Marketing Hub (CCMH), defined as those platforms that not only offer scheduled promotional campaigns but have now evolved to offer personalized experiences triggered by customer behavior. These vendors are continuously evolving in the everchanging landscape with new architecture and Customer Data Platforms, while some are industry-specific focused, like eCommerce.

According to Forrester, all CCMH customers looking to onboard such platforms should eye on providers that

  1. Support sophisticated cross-channel experiences at scale.
  2. Help marketers deliver both business and customer outcomes.
  3. Ease human workloads with AI-based recommendations in business language.

Significance of The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Marketing Hub, Q1 2023 report

As previously stated, there is an abundance of CCMH platforms available. However, Forrester has established a rigorous 26-criterion evaluation process to determine the most notable ones through meticulous research and analysis.

After a thorough evaluation, Forrester narrows down 15 CCMH platforms as the most significant providers. Being featured in this report signifies that a company evaluated by Forrester has been regarded as a company offering platforms of the highest standards that has a strong product offering that is relevant in today’s market and is continuously evolving with the changing customer demands.

And we can proudly say that Netcore Cloud has been named one of “The Top 15 Providers That Matter The Most.” The 25-year martech veteran is focused on providing frictionless shopping experiences and offers robust automation for product-centric campaigns across verticals.

As AI continues to revolutionize the market landscape, Netcore’s Raman AI harnesses AI to help marketers “visualize customer demographics and behavior data to build segment-based audiences for email, mobile messaging, and e-commerce.”

Referencing customers, one said

Netcore improved overall offering

Furthermore, Netcore Cloud’s cost-effective CCMH solution offering email, mobile, web, and e-commerce personalization is a game-changer for retail marketers looking to up their marketing game without breaking their wallets.

The Road Ahead

For over a quarter of a century, Netcore Cloud has been a reliable choice for over 6500 brands across 40 countries to elevate their digital experiences across email, mobile, web, and other channels, enabling them to achieve business growth.

Milestones like these are a testament to the product offerings Netcore provides, and we will continuously strive to improve and develop our intuitive full-stack platform. With an unwavering focus on investing in cutting-edge technology, Netcore is dedicated to empowering marketers to deliver hyper-relevant and contextual experiences to their customers.

As a marketer, if you’re interested in discovering why Netcore has earned the trust of 6500+ brands and how the CCMH platform can help your business, you can personally experience the platform and feel the difference.

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Written By: Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi
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