Rajesh’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Lessons in Timing, Resilience, and Innovation
Written by
Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi

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Rajesh’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Lessons in Timing, Resilience, and Innovation

Published : August 23, 2023


In this enlightening conversation, we delve into the journey of the founder of Netcore Cloud and India World, Rajesh. From his early days of entrepreneurship, marked by multiple failures, to the monumental success of selling his company for a staggering 499 crores, Rajesh’s story is a testament to perseverance, timing, and innovation.

10 Key Insights and Learnings To Expect from the Podcast

1. The Origin of India World:

Rajesh’s inspiration for India World came from his personal experience of living in the U.S. and recognizing the need for timely information about India. The internet presented an opportunity to bridge this gap.

2. The Importance of Timing:

India World launched around the same time as giants like Yahoo and eBay. Being early in the market played a crucial role in its success.

3. Diverse Revenue Streams:

Unlike many companies today that focus solely on B2B or B2C, India World mixed both, primarily because they had no investors and needed to be profitable.

4. The Power of Resilience:

Before India World, Rajesh faced multiple failures in various ventures. Yet, he persisted, showcasing the importance of resilience in entrepreneurship.

5. Valuation Expectations:

Rajesh had a unique approach to valuation. He would upfront share his valuation expectations with potential investors or buyers, even if it meant most meetings didn’t proceed to the next round.

6. The Decision to Sell:

Despite the emotional attachment to his business, advice from a mentor helped Rajesh realize the importance of knowing when to exit a business.

7. The Role of Capital:

The late ’90s was a time when capital was abundant, and the internet was the hottest trend. This environment played a role in the high valuation of India World.

8. Life Post Sale:

After selling India World, Rajesh faced the challenge of charting a new path. His wife’s advice to not dwell on the money and continue building new things kept him grounded.

9. The Impact of Media:

The sale of India World made headlines, but Rajesh’s grounded approach ensured he wasn’t swayed by the sudden fame.

10. The Essence of Entrepreneurship:

Throughout the conversation, a recurring theme is Rajesh’s passion for building new things and his ability to adapt and evolve based on circumstances.


Rajesh’s entrepreneurial journey offers invaluable lessons on the significance of timing, the power of resilience, and the importance of staying grounded amidst success. His story serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspersons alike, emphasizing that with the right mindset and adaptability, one can navigate the tumultuous waters of the business world.

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Written By: Zaid Hashmi
Zaid Hashmi
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