How to Do Email Marketing Right
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How to Do Email Marketing Right

Published : March 30, 2019

Do you know what happens to my inbox every Black Friday? Marketers flood it with offers, claiming they have the best email marketing stack. Guys I never heard from in an entire year are mailing me with offers asking me to trust them. They have the best interests in their minds for me.

These are all unmissable deals, according to them. And they’re never going to come back.

The problem? I am not going to purchase a single item from people I don’t trust. Which is most offers. Their emails won’t get a second look from me. Turns out most people are like me. For them to push the buy button they should trust that someone.

That comes on the back of relationship building. Remembering me only on Black Friday does not constitute a relationship. That’s called taking advantage of me. Those automated mails aren’t inspiring me. People don’t like to be taken advantage of. Invest in a relationship with your audience to earn an income online.

So, here we will look at ways by which to do email marketing right.

Build A Targeted Email List

Successful marketing campaigns start with an email list full of highly targeted leads.

That begins by creating great opt-ins in the first place. If you don’t have a way to secure leads, how will you build an email list?

Create Great Opt-ins

The email list you create is full of great people who opted in to get mails from you. Clearly, forming a list of highly targeted leads is the foundation of successful email marketing.

Without this, you tend to lose the ability to get people to take action. Attractive opt-in forms attract the right leads. That’s the best way to market. And there’s no limit on how many you can use and on which pages.

  • Welcome gates – appear when people visit a website. People have to either scroll down or close the welcome gate opt-in. This nets a lot of engagement with the welcome mat opt-in, as they cannot be ignored. Welcome gates tend to take up the entire area of the screen and are impossible to ignore.

  • Lightbox popups – They blank out the rest of the content for a short while, and people have to close them to make them go away.

  • Exit-intent popups – when people are about to leave a site, the exit-intent popup appears. The best way to use exit intent popups is by tying it to relevant lead magnets.

These are all great ways to get people who are visiting your site to convert and get them to your list. These qualified leads are interested in your offers. These opt-in forms and offers are the most targeted way to convert casual website browsers into subscribers and hot warm leads.

Without something encouraging them, most people aren’t going to sign up. Welcome mats and exit intent popups can help. And exit intent popups are particularly useful. Why? They’re about to leave anyhow. What’s there to lose?

The Types Of Emails That Build Relationships

Two- there are different kinds of emails you can send. I talked about relationship building earlier. And here’s the primer on relationship building.

Most people want to use their email boxes as a personal ATM, allowing them to withdraw money with promotional email campaigns. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post. If those are the only kind of emails you’re sending that’s a quick way to exhaust your list. People grow tired of such campaigns which results in list fatigue. That means your CTR and open rates take a nosedive.

Your email list isn’t the place to make money in the cheapest way possible. It’s an avenue to forge relationships. Because once you have a strong relationship selling to them is easy as pie.

There are emails that help you create a relationship with people.

You can achieve this by sending educational emails, newsletters, and other relevant information. Do your homework and learn what motivates and inspires your audience online.

Transactional emails are also an option. When people purchase something and you send a receipt with shipping information. People eagerly await those emails.

Confirmation emails are sent when people sign up. You could include a little survey for getting to know them better.

Welcome emails are sent right after confirmation emails where you send a series of newsletters to educate your audiences online.

These are the different types of emails you can send. Now let’s move on to creating successful campaigns. In addition, take care that the newsletter design is attractive.

Emails and Followups

An email marketing campaign isn’t done without follow ups. That’s when you convert casual clickers to buyers or still better action takers.

It’s time to plan your email marketing in a way that will help you ace things.

Here’s a great approach to nailing this.

Take note of the frequency with which you email. And see if the frequency results in higher number of opens or lower number of opens.

In addition, have a rough outline of the content you will be adding. This should be followed up by a clear call to action that gives people an idea of the action they’re supposed to take.

Be it signing up to a webinar, purchasing something or anything else.


With relationship building, sending follow-ups and other types of emails you will get high conversions.

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