How Emails can boost your E-commerce Sales in 2020?
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Sakshie Pathak

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How Emails can boost your E-commerce Sales in 2020?

Published : February 7, 2020 | Updated : May 23 , 2024

As the owner of an e-commerce website, you have been told all about the plans you need to make for the New Year. How social media and targeted keywords and SEO would bring more customers to your store.

However, you would often find that the canniest of digital marketers have forgotten the most trusted tool in the arsenal – a tool that is free and promises excellent returns. No, we are not talking about magic but email marketing.

Email Marketing and Why Does It Score Over Social Media

Emails have been around for so long that most have forgotten the era of snail mail. Sadly we have also forgotten what a formidable method it is to get more visitors to your site and more leads

Why is it essential, or how does it outperform something like social media? Imagine you have launched a new product and posted a glamorous new campaign about it on social media. But your campaign has to compete with a hundred other pages feeding their content on a customer’s Timeline.
Every hour hundreds of new posts are circulated – from friends, family, rivals, competitors, and so on. Your carefully made presentation on social media may not even be seen unless the customer had their app open at the exact minute.

But emails sit in the Inbox unless the user makes a conscious attempt to delete and send them to trash. Most people do not send unopened emails from businesses they know to trash without reading at least cursorily.

Ways to Boost Your Sales with Email Marketing

Captivating subject line

What strikes your eyes as soon as you log into your email? The subject line is always at the front and center. A suitable subject line can make or break your email marketing program. Of course, if it is irrelevant, it will be marked for trash, and the worst-case scenario is for it to be added to a spam list.

Image Source – Optinmonster

The subject line should create an expectation. In no more than eight words, it has to hold the viewers’ attention for long enough to make them open it. You must write a compelling subject line that would make the audience feel as if they would miss out on something unless they open the mail.

Manage the tone and context

In many ways, writing an email is the same as writing a good blog. It must not be too short or long, it has to be clear about its objectives, and there must be a call to action at the end.

However, this is easier said than done since a mail can never be more than about 150-200 words long compared to the thousand words that a blog post usually has.

Please keep it simple. Break up your content into easy to understand paragraphs. Unambiguously present your ideas. Let the reader not have to read it a second time to understand.

Never ever present large blocks of the text. Breakup a long piece of writing into bullets. Liberally, use small one-line paragraphs.

Don’t be pushy

The email gives you a lot of space to write. You could fit in plenty of new ideas and spell out a vision. In other words, there is scope for a lot of persuasions and to coax the reader to try out your product.

But keep in mind that just as we like personal space, online too, the reader does not wish to be led to a conclusion. Never be pushy or aggressive. Present your ideas and leave it to the reader to fill in the gaps.

You are planting the seed of an idea, not planting an idea – that is a huge difference you have to grasp. At any cost, the person intended to read the mail must not feel intimidated.

Be relevant, and personalize

Email gives you the chance to customize your message. We grant that you cannot craft a few thousand custom emails. But it is quite easy to segment the email list you have by geographical location, age, gender, and other criteria.

Create a separate mail for each of the subgroups that you have. Of course, never forget to address the customer by their first name. Most email marketing software automates that part for you. For a personal touch, add in a unique line for the most valued customers you have.
This also applies to templates. The form and structure of your mail should never be one size fits all. The use of colorful and kitschy fonts would be a turnoff for older customers. At the same time, a very formal tone of writing would repel younger users.

Personalization extends beyond name and designations. Instead, think about how certain products are able to fit into your life’s ‘context’ by the dint of their custom packaging. Think like the custom label designer, akin to the brains behind successful product packaging personalization campaigns.
Look to test your email personalization effectiveness with A/B testing. The emails you send and their engagement is key to getting better email deliverability in the future.

Check out beautiful custom labels from iCustomLabel, design your own custom labels and use them in your emails to make them visually attractive. Get your collection of customized labels at affordable prices and upgrade your email marketing.

Create an email copy that captures the context, and delivers a seemingly personalized message, much like that unforgettable bottle of wine you believed was talking to you when you went shopping last time!

Encourage response

Email marketing is definitely not a monologue. Many mistake it as a lecture, and nothing would ensure more than your mail would end up in the trash.

Encourage the reader to write back and send across their ideas. You would grow your business if you heeded their feedback and acted upon it.
Encouraging readers to respond is a proven way to have them retain your brand in their memory longer.


Let email marketing not sound as if it has been churned out by a faceless bot. Of course, it goes without saying that you should use vastly different emails for B2B and B2C segments.

Sending emails to your clients is the most basic and non-intrusive way to interact with them. Uniqueness matters and every client likes to know they are special. You could use it to draw them in, keep them interested, build rapport, make sales, and garner feedback.

If you put some thought into it, you could quickly turn it into a lead magnet.

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