A Detailed Guide to Refresh your Email Newsletter Content in 2020
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A Detailed Guide to Refresh your Email Newsletter Content in 2020

Published : February 7, 2020 | Updated : May 23, 2024

Noticed that your email newsletter subscribers get bored? This is a great season to get better customer engagement for your email newsletters, but you are empty with creative ideas for your newsletters? It’s time to breathe new life into your email campaigns!

Your newsletter email engagements are an extremely important part of your email campaigns as they directly affect your email deliverability. Since email newsletters are sent out to almost the whole of your subscriber base, let’s give them something interesting to remember your brand by!!

After 10 years of developing tools for professional Email and SMS marketing, we know this pain. That is why we share with you this list of email campaign content solutions. You might want to check out tools such as Atompark for more detailed solutions and ideas.

Company news to delight newsletter subscribers

Share the pieces of your brand’s success in the email!

You can attract the attention of the subscriber with the inner company news. It doesn’t have to be something big, like a long-awaited update. This may be some small thing, significant for you and pleasant for subscribers, such as:

  • Record in the number of newsletter subscriptions
  • Number of Facebook page likes
  • Birthday of the company, etc.

People love being a part of something bigger. Show that you are really pleased with this fact, thank the people who signed up for you. Make them happy with some gifts like it was done by ABTA — the UK’s largest travel association:

Mind the structure of this newsletter

  • the main accent on the statistics — the number of Facebook likes;
  • thanks, words;
  • and finally presents.

The list of ideas to inspire people with a good deed in the newsletter

A great way to increase customer loyalty and attract the audience is to show that your company is not a Scrooge, obsessed by money, but a brand that is not indifferent to the problems of the surrounding world.

“47% of people said they would be more likely to buy from companies that donated to a charity”
The Forrester Research

Here are some ideas for example

  • Tell how your employees donated blood, but focus on why it is important.
  • Tell about how you have sheltered pets in the office, such as a cat, for example. Focus people on the problem of homeless animals.
  • Show how your brand participates in the life of the city, supports any local initiatives.

Wanna real sample? Look the OneHope (California online wine company) email campaign:

Don’t forget about proves – include snippets and images of charity fundraising events in your newsletter. And mind the intonation, it shouldn’t sound like be bragging. Keep the idea – to encourage people to follow your example.

Intriguing ideas of new announces format in email marketing campaigns

Add intrigue to the upcoming product update. Let people guess what it could be. The best variant to boost subscribers curiosity with interactive elements, like Tom Raffield, Luxury British Lighting & Furniture Designer, did in its brand newsletter:

Pay attention to the user: The ideas of client stats in the newsletter

Summarize the user experience in personalized email People like to feel special, the majority adore being in the center of the attention. The great way to give clients this experience is to sum up his/her key actions on the website and present this statistic in the form of an infographic.

Just look at Spotify’s (the digital music service) variant of this solution realization:

Think over how can you adopt this idea to your business. Here are some variants:

  • For restaurant (online orders) — what dishes client love the most, how many times made orders.
  • For e-store — how much money does the customer save on sales during the year.
  • For blogger — how many times a user has visited the blog per past year, the top 10 articles he/she liked the most.

But mind that this idea needs good skills and knowledge of email marketing personalization and automatization processes to be realized.

Customer Happiness Testimonials

Have you had an influx of positive feedback from your customers lately? Show that you proud about your customers’ testimonials.

It could become a good habit to share the ones you like the most with email subscriber base. Use the social profile of the author of the testimonial to let this person shine in the rays of glory).

“A study found customers spend 31% with businesses who have good client testimonials”

Just look the sample of this idea realization in the CodeCamp (a place for local software developers to come and learn from their peers) email campaign:

An idea on how to teach the subscribers right in the email itself

Sometimes you can sacrifice an opportunity to drive traffic to the website and prove people with all necessary information directly in the newsletter. Try to transform your email campaign into the fully-fledged guide on:

  • How to customize some of your product features;
  • How to get the highest benefit from your service;
  • Step-by-step realization of some life hacks, etc.

But keep the main idea — to give all the info right in the newsletter, as Ben Collins (Google Sheets and Data Studio developer) did:

Polls and Surveys in the newsletter: Who is your reader? Any ideas?

Show people, their opinion is really important for you. It can be just one question or the survey to know your audience better. Of course, this interactive element should follow the main idea of your email marketing activity and fits the brand style.
Here are some variants of such questions:

  • Ask subscribers on what changes they want to see in your product;
  • Do they want to get more info about your office, employees’ lives?
  • Whether to write an article about New Year email campaigns or not?

Just have a look at how the WYR’s (a mobile app and social shortcut, allowing its users to share and find information with their social network) implemented this idea in one of its emails:

Don’t make a user feel sad, share the results of this activity in the next newsletter.

Email marketing campaign with your brand goals, ideas, and plans

It’s a New Year and about time to think about your brand plans, hopes, goals. But you could do more, share this information with your email subscribers! They can also tell you their own thoughts about this newsletter by sharing it on social media, for example.

I’ve got an example for you. Focus on the second part of this newsletter sample from ReallyGoodEmails service:

It is not necessary to tell how you will achieve this goal, just let the readers feel involved in the company life.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like these ideas. Choose the favorite one and strengthen it with a cool design. I guess you know the power of animation, minimalist trends, and video in the newsletters.  If these ideas work for you or if you have any other suggestions, kindly share them in the comments box below.

That’s all. Now is your turn to wake up the readers with the bright emails of your brand in their mailbox.

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