5 Easy Ways to Make Your Email Campaigns More Engaging
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William Watson

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Email Campaigns More Engaging

Published : September 18, 2019

The pathway to a successful email marketing campaign lies in the content you present.
A successful email marketing campaign stands out due to its content. Over the years, non-tech and more fundamental concepts, informative articles, helpful data or product ideas do well on email marketing.
Everyone knows how to launch a campaign, but they do not know how to get your campaign stand out and get the best possible open and click through rates.
So here are the following easy hacks that definitely make your campaign stand out in the market.

#1 : It is all in the subject line

Based on the 6000-plus campaigns my organization has created and sent so far, I can say that choosing a great project title is an essential initial step. When the subject line relates to the problem; the product solves, it gives the campaign and team more reliability and readability. Something extravagant or gimmicky may sound like a smart idea, but if it does not relate to the campaign objective, the subject line can be the real explanation behind the disappointment of your campaign.

#2-: Be visible in video

I come across tons of branding videos daily. Those that highlight the campaign creator are always more appealing to viewers. This is because the creator can give an added personal opinion about why she or he is talking about the product. They also add to the reliability of the project by showing the face behind it. Adding this personal element increases the video purpose beyond that of an ad.

#3-: Remember that people want to listen to your story

An email marketing campaign project description is not limited to being about the product. It also needs to discuss the story behind its creation. In the world of increasing competition for the same product, it is crucial to highlight your story because the complete idea of this sort of fundraising is about describing your purpose and why you want your prospect to consider buying your product. The more story-like your product description is, the higher your possibilities are to perform it stand out.

#4-: Keep it short and to the point

Your marketing campaign emails should be short, precise and to the point. This is especially true if you’re promoting an article or a video. Remember, the goal of an email marketing campaign is to get subscribers to click through to your site. Offer them only the smallest and juiciest piece of bait that will make them want to learn more.
From my experience, a marketing campaign email shouldn’t be any longer than about three to five sentences. Just enough to give them a sense of what you are promoting, without giving too much away. Entice them to in the way which makes them want to click through the link in the email and want to know more about what you’re offering.

#5-: Segment your discounts and promotional offers reasonably.

When it comes to concluding out the best pledge rewards for your campaign, you want your customers to buy your product. You might want to increase the value of your email campaigns by giving your customers something of value such as some discounts or offers. According to my experience, it is more sensible to do multiple offers by segmenting your client list and giving them specific offers rather than a 20% off to everyone.


Email Marketing is one of the most successful ways to engage your potential customers. But you need to leverage your email campaigns correctly by identifying, addressing their pain points and giving them a solution. You need to Successful campaigns are built on solid plans.

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