13 Best Bulk Email Sender that Don’t Put a Hole in your Pocket
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Jasmine Handa

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13 Best Bulk Email Sender that Don’t Put a Hole in your Pocket

Published : February 22, 2020

This article talks about 13 Best Bulk Emails Sender Softwares and Tools that you can use for your Email Marketing needs in 2020. As the title suggests, we have made sure to keep Bulk Emails Pricing as the priority while compiling the list. If you know of any more Bulk Email Senders, feel free to drop a comment below. 

We all are going digital superfast and so our businesses and communication as well!

Having a powerful Email marketing campaign certainly fulfils all our digital marketing needs and when it comes to finding the best email service providers which can help you in doing that is like a cherry on the cake!

We totally understand how frustrating it is when you are searching the right email service provider for your bulk emailing needs as there is a lot of scepticism involved. Therefore, We are here again with 13 Best Bulk email sender tools and software that you can use in 2020 and of course the ones that don’t put a hole in your Pocket!

As we talk about the best among bulk email senders, there is a pool of questions that comes in our mind, the answer to which can make our decisions much simpler while we pick the right one that takes care of our needs and constraints!

Q1. What is the email deliverability rate?

Q2. What are the features provided?

Q3. To what extent the analytics can be performed?

Q4. Last but not least How much will it cost?

These are the few questions, you might have some more! Inquire as much as you can from your bulk email-sender in the quest to discover the relevant pick!

But firstly! we need to know how a bulk email sender can make a significant difference in your email program!

Let’s get started…

Why do you need a Bulk Email Sender?

Before I talk about what is the need for a bulk email sender service, let me point out some of the biggest challenges you face while sending bulk emails.

The major challenge is, your emails getting flagged as spam! Yes, as the amount of emails is huge, ISP’s become suspicious and therefore your emails lose to pass the spam filters.

Apart from this, the other challenges come in the form of getting lower open rates, higher bounce rates for emails, integration issues with the application and sending personalized emails. The best Bulk email service providers, therefore, provide features and functionalities which are capable of overcoming all of these challenges.

Here is when you need them!

They make the process easy for you. They might provide intuitive editor, to make email creation easier, can help automate your marketing workflows, track your stats, etc. Bulk email sender tool can also perform anti-spam analysis and provide the ability to automate the actions and segmentation of the database.

All in all, you connect with new audiences or potential customers, build trust and deeper relationships with them, drive profits by just choosing the best bulk email sender software for your business.

As we are now digging in to find out some really wonderful bulk email sender tools, its time for you to wear your analytical cap!

13 Best Bulk Email Sender Tools for 2020

Almost all the bulk email sender tools provide free trials so that you have a look and the feel of their interface.

1. Pepipost

Our top pick in the list of the best bulk email sender is Pepipost. It is a cloud-based email delivery solution that helps you manage your email domains and users. The best part is that you can integrate and deliver emails with API in less than the desired time or use the SMTP server for sending your bulk emails.

With Pepipost, you can send transactional emails easily as it runs on Artificial intelligence thereby analyzing the minute signals from ESPs. It provides you with email security with VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) and therefore you don’t need to worry about the security. The Webhook feature helps to notify you about the health of your application and you get a bounce forwarding feature to know about your invalid emails.

This tool offers a real-time report on email delivery and enables you to have full control over your email activities as it stores 90 days of your history logs. Isn’t that amazing?

Pepipost doesn’t stop here in the quest to provide an enriching experience to their customers, they make sure that the inbox placement is high, you get 24/7 support and all this in the most affordable price ever!

Learn more about Sendgrid

2. Mailgun

Mailgun is an email marketing software used for bulk email sending. It provides solutions that help you in sending emails for marketing as well as transactional emails. You can also combine Mailgun’s advanced email parsing with temporary storage for up to 3 days, and can retrieve all your apps incoming email whenever it is convenient for you.

With Mailgun you get real-time tracking and advanced analytics for your emails. Not only this, but it also provides real-time Email validation API (Application Programming Interface) to help developers integrate email into their app and protect the web forms.  

You can easily integrate SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server and can build your own service with its open-source library. Their Simple, RESTful API extracts away the intricate details of sending transactional or bulk emails.

Learn more about Mailgun

3. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is yet another bulk email sender/provider that provides modern workflows and automation facilities. It lets you send your automated mail just by using a simple trigger. You can select email using HTML and drag and drop editing facilities. It has also got functionalities for managing recipients, scheduling, content, and testing.

 SendGrid provides the platform for password resets, email newsletters, shipping notifications, and promotional emails. Use the platform to add the contacts through CSV upload, Signup forms, and the contacts API. It provides actionable real-time analytics. They also have webhook to notify your application of bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports

Learn more about Sendgrid

4. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is a freemium CRM platform that allows you to bulk send emails to contacts in your list. With HubSpot, you can create email newsletters, autoresponders, sequences, or simple one-off emails. You can work from one of the many templates available, or design your own from scratch, and track your results with the visual analytics dashboard to see how your emails are performing. A/B testing features allow you to optimize your emails and track everything in real-time. The UI is very easy and intuitive, making HubSpot a tool anyone can easily pick up and use, without sacrificing complexity.

HubSpot’s software has a lot more to offer beyond email. It includes amazing marketing and business tools like a landing page builder, forms, popups, live chat, bots, ad tracking, and more. All of these tools use the same intuitive UI and are available for free, so you can start using them right away and grow your business.

5. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is a full-service platform for email marketing. It enables you to schedule numerous campaigns with various settings according to send time, scheduling, etc. Using this tool you can automatically avoid duplicating the addresses, manage contact lists, create beautiful email templates. All these things you get with tracking, analytics, and reports.

Also, you can scale up to more than 100 million emails per month. It features drag and drops the editor to modify the template quickly. You can easily connect via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) API to send your bulk emails without any hassle.


Any list of email marketing is incomplete with SMTP2GO present in it. No doubt, this is because it is renowned for delivering bulk emails at fast speed. It is trusted by many users in the market place when it comes to sending the bulk emails as they deal with blacklist monitoring, reverse DNS, DKIM, ISP throttling, blocked ports, and feedback loops with major email providers.

The core purpose of SMTP2Go is to send and deliver emails, in an automatic and programmed way. They have servers in multiple locations that give you access to the fastest data networks in the world.

Learn more about SMTP2GO

7. AmazonSES

Amazon SES is yet another popular bulk email service provider which is a cloud-based email sending service. It is a highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers. They provide pay as you go option which makes it a good choice for a lot of businesses.

With this, you don’t have to care about feedback loops because Amazon SES will send you an email if someone of your recipients reports your message as spam, it has G-Lock EasyMail built-in Bounced Manager which will extract the recipient’s email address from the feedback loop email so as to take the recipient off your subscriber list.

You can ensure a high deliverability rate as your emails will pass SPF and Sender ID policy checks enforced by many ISPs and DKIM-sign. You can integrate it directly into your existing applications like AWS services, including AWS IAM.  The tool also supports a dashboard to track issues impacting your email delivery. Provides various methods of sending emails, including SMTP and console, and SES API.

Learn more about Amazon SES

8. Sparkpost

SparkPost has been very famous in the email delivery service provider, you might have heard of it as a predictive email intelligence platform. It lets you optimize email performance with unprecedented data visibility. This is its stand out feature. You can also use this tool to monitor email and manage the responses.

This app contains one dashboard that gives you detailed logs and statistics related to your email activity. It also provides you with an SMTP cloud server that can be used for email sending. Sparkpost provides unlimited bandwidth plus support via telephone and Skype. But you need to check its pricing to see if they are affordable for you!

Learn more about Sparkpost

9. Mandrill App

Mandrill is yet another transactional email API that is recently been taken by Mailchimp and therefore it can be a bit expensive (as you have to pay for both the services) if you are only into email delivery. It can be used to send data-driven emails, including personalized and e-commerce messages. You can send mail from more than one domain using just a single mandrill account and even add one or more dedicated IP addresses.

This bulk email sender provides you with customized email tracking options. It also helps in writing down your own custom solution using API and the highlighting part is that this tool automatically converts HTML into a text version. Mandrill enables you to send an email with existing CSS and HTML. It lets you connect the information of your emails with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or database. 

Learn more about Mandrill App

10. Moosend

Coming up next is Moosend which is an affordable SMTP service for your website that allows you to create and send transactional, marketing and notification emails to the user’s inbox. It allows you to create an email blast and track the emails in real-time. Besides, SMTP services, this service is also known for the email marketing platform. But with Moosend, it can be a bit difficult to start things with because of their UI design and integration with a few other Saas that they are still working on.

It includes amazing features like campaign editor, advanced list segmentation, analytics and more. Drag and drop editor through which you can create and design amazing transactional emails and newsletters. It supports advanced automation workflow builder, with built-in automation templates.

11. Sendinblue

Next up with us is Sendinblue which is a SaaS solution for email marketing automation. It helps you in managing your customer using your current CRM, set up the design, engagement, and delivery of transactional messages. SendinBlue undoubtedly provides good deliverability, has sent time optimization, manage IP Pools and monitor your emails’ reputation closely to reach top deliverability.

It has beautiful templates gallery to fuel your inspiration, can build your own custom landing pages. It lets you automate your marketing messages and also provides detail statistics of your mails. Sendinblue allows you to connect to numerous plugins, like WordPress and Magento.

12. Postmark

Postmark is another emerging bulk email sender tool that delivers and tracks transactional emails. This tool provides you with 45 days of full content history and statistics(Pepipost provides 90 Days) so that you can get a detailed report for mail opens and clicks. It delivers emails using SMTP and provides API for sending emails.

It also supports notifications about essential messages and events. It has a responsive and compatible email template insertion section. Not only this, but it also uses two-factor authentication (2FA) for better security of data.

Postmark provides you with fast delivery and easy mail tracking. They only send transactional emails, therefore, they see higher engagement.  They also handle IP reputation, blacklists, feedback loops, reverse DNS, and all of the other low-level protocols for you.

13. Tipimail

Tipimail is an email platform service to send bulk messages. It provides a SaaS platform to view statistics and helps in sending emails that connect to any information system via SMTP. This tool is made using proprietary technology that helps you to deliver email fast.

Tipimail offers real-time warming. You can integrate API which is easy to use with any system, including a website or app.


So these were our top pick and recommended bulk email senders or providers. We hope that this read will help you to choose the right bulk email senders for your powerful email campaign. Also, you are all welcome to comment below and tell us your thoughts on what are the features that you will be looking for in your bulk email sender tool.

Till then hustle harder and grow better!


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