11 Best SMTP Service Providers in 2023 | SMTP Servers
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11 Best SMTP Service Providers in 2023 | SMTP Servers

Published : April 6, 2020

Although the history of email extends over more than 50 years now, Emails entail an evolving set of technology that still stands strong among the revolutionary methods of marketing that businesses are adopting today. One of the most important companions in the journey of your emails to customer inbox is the SMTP server which is going to be the focus of our article. We will try to understand why we need an SMTP service provider to help in our business and take a look at the list of 11 Best SMTP service providers for your bulk email marketing this year.

Aptest for both the sender and the receiver of the information. While push notifications are becoming more popular, Emails are the fastest source of communication.

We all have been using emails and no wonder you might be having more than one email Id for a segmented communication. It is indeed the easiest source of communication too, as you are able to send emails so effortlessly across the globe anywhere, in a couple of seconds, by just hitting the send button.

But have you ever thought about the number of processes that are taking place in the background to ensure that your emails reach the inbox?

With the adoption of standard protocols and the interconnection of systems over a shared network called the Internet, it has made our life easier and allowed people to converse among themselves. You write your message with the help of email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird or mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo mails, etc. or if you are a business you use API for automatic generation of your transactional or triggered emails which are easily transmitted through a standard called SMTP or “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” to the respective destination.

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But let’s get back to square one and understand why adopting an SMTP service provider is beneficial!

Why do you need an SMTP service provider?

Considering that you are ready with your email marketing strategy and are planning to start sending emails to your subscriber list, how would you know that you need an SMTP service or not?

Below are some points to ponder over so that you get the answer to the above question!

  1. You have your own web application and you are looking for a “Plugin” to help you with sending and receiving emails through the application or website.
  2. You are concerned about the security of the emails that are sent to your customer.
  3. Your email subscription list is huge and you need to send bulk emails and you do not want yourself to be marked as a spammer.
  4. You do not want to get into a hassle of running your own email sending infrastructure.
  5. You want to get rid of the challenges of server management, low email deliverability rates, IP reputation, etc.

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We hope that by now you would have come to the conclusion that an SMTP service provider is a vital service for your business and now the bigger question is which service to pick that proves to be the best for your business needs.

Hence, for the seamless delivery of your emails and for a successful email program, here we are with the list of top 11 best SMTP service providers so that you are not worried about the processes happening at the backend and your SMTP service provider can take care of all the functionalities and hard work behind the scenes.

So, In your quest to discover the appropriate and the best SMTP service provider, let’s see who all are there on the list.

11 Best SMTP Service Providers

1. Netcore Cloud

First on our list is Netcore Cloud! It is a cloud-based SMTP Email delivery service that not only offers push notification services also provides Email API to connect your apps,  real-time reports so that you can keep an eye on your evaluation metrics and easy subaccount management. Netcore steals the show by helping your emails land in the inbox at a very high speed. They also provide integration guides so that you get the power of marketing and automation at the most affordable price.

No wonder! They are named as the “Leaders in Transactional Email category” by G2. They also have 24/7 live chat support which makes them the most customer-friendly service as their support team never fails to quickly solve all your queries. As we said, they are the most affordable, take a look at their pricing!

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2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is second on our list and is one of the best SMTP email service provider. They offer a perfect marketing platform with email marketing and SMS marketing.

They offer wonderful marketing automation and personalization features to help you with your email marketing campaigns. Like Pepipost, You can integrate SendinBlue also with third-party platforms like OptinMonster, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc. It provides extensible API and SMTP relay service which effectively aids in improving your email delivery experience.

Take a look at what all you can do with the help of SendinBlue!

3. SendGrid

Third in our list is a very powerful and renowned SMTP email service provider called Sendgrid. They also provide documents for easy SMTP relay set up and offer high scalability with a lot of features like email analytics, deliverability optimization tools, email templates, and integration with third-party apps.

Sendgrid provides very high deliverability rates but if you need help from their support team, you might have to wait for a couple of days or even more to get the solution to your queries.

Take a look at some features that Sendgrid offers.

4. Amazon SES

We all know about Amazon web services, who is the leader when it comes to cloud computing infrastructures. They also provide email delivery service in the name of Amazon SES(Simple Email Service). It is said to be the most cost-effective as they have “pay as you go” option and if your website is hosted on Amazon web services then you can also try their free tier to send emails up to a limit.

It includes features like content filtering technologies, dedicated IP addresses, and reputation dashboard in order to maintain a good reputation and achieve high inboxing.Below are the features that they offer!

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5. Postmarkapp

Postmark is another powerful and simple to use an SMTP service provider for marketers as well as developers. They are said to have expertise in sending transactional emails only, but there are many email marketing tool that integrates with Postmarkapp to provide full-fledged email sending solution.

They are highly focused on speedy delivery and have good deliverability rate. They also offer email analytical reports, mobile-responsive templates, simple webhooks, and account security like amazing features.

Take a look at their pricing plans!

6. Mailgun

Mailgun is also among the popular SMTP service provider for developers and marketers. They offer powerful APIs to send marketing and transactional emails. They do offer push notifications as well. It is mostly focused on developers and you might not find beginner-friendly features. 

Recently their reviews have not been very good in terms of the services that they are providing but apparently they seem to focus a lot on their bulk and mass email sending services. They have also reduced the number of free emails they were offering in their free tier, so they might be a little pricy for your business. However, they provide some good integration options for almost all the languages to make it easy for your business, take a look!

7. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is also an affordable SMTP service provider that allows you to integrate with in-built or external SMTPs for which you do not have to worry about the additional charges. And just like Pepipost and Mailgun, you can send bulk emails if you have a huge list of subscribers.

Pabbly provides features for email marketing and automation and handles spam complaints and bounces and not only this you get SMTP routing, enhanced lead capture, and email tracking, and even introduces push notifications, so that you get a powerful bulk email marketing campaign for your business.

Take a look at their pricing!

8. Sendpulse

Next in our list is SendPulse, which is another SMTP service provider that allows you to send transactional emails to your list of subscribers from the website, CRM, and other third-party applications using SMTP or API. As it is a multi-channel platform, you can actually leverage the presence of multiple marketing tools in a single system.

With Sendpulse you get email automation, performance evaluation metrics, multiple communication channels like email, SMS, Facebook messenger, Viber, push notification, etc. which you can use for marketing your products and services.Take a look at the features that they offer!

9. Elastic email

Elastic Email is yet another SMTP service provider that you can choose. It has a set of tools that fits for the needs of everyone may it be developer, marketer or designer. Besides offering a comprehensive email marketing solution through HTTP API and SMTP Relay, they also incorporate push notifications as part of their toolkit. You can easily connect and send your email via HTTP API and SMTP Relay and get a wonderful email marketing solution. It offers the ultra-fast global infrastructure for sending transactional emails in order to aid the speedy delivery of your emails.

Check out their Pricing plans!

10. Moosend

If you are still not satisfied then the next in our list is a good alternative to the other email marketing software that we have mentioned above. Moosend is an SMTP tool that comes with an amazing drag & drop email creation option, push notifications, Google Analytics tracking, easy to manage IP address and provides unlimited custom fields that you can use to create a wonderful email marketing campaign.

It is very easy to configure Moosend, all you need to do is find your email address on their SMTP server. Now include the Mailing ID and set your SMTP password to use this tool. Take a look at their pricing plans!

11. SMTP2Go

Last but not least in our list is SMTP2GO, a platform that not only lets you dispatch beautiful newsletters but also introduces push notifications and offers a solid API for transactional emails. You can easily manage contacts, upload them and run a successful marketing campaign with the help of user-friendly features that it provides.

You also get analytical and detailed delivery reports on spam analysis opens, clicks, bounces, delivery rate complaints and unsubscribes to help you analyze your campaign and get meaningful insights.

Take a look at their pricing plans!

Time for Quick Notes

Although we tried to compile the list of best SMTP service providers, this list is still non-exhaustive.

Adopting the one that can help the business avoid getting a real headache by getting the maximum deliverability rate, quick and easy integration with application and your business and taking care of all the technicalities is an essential decision.

Just like using an SMTP service provider is profitable for your business, we hope that this article also proves to be a beneficial read for you.

Till then hustle harder, grow better #fortheloveofemails

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