10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2020 | Mailchimp Pricing & Features
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10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2020 | Mailchimp Pricing & Features

Published : May 4, 2020
10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2020 | Mailchimp Pricing & Features

This article summarises the best Mailchimp alternatives available in the present time. We have tried to compile the 10 best email marketing automation services that you can use if you are unhappy with heavy MailChimp prices.

So let’s read on…

Mailchimp is quite a popular email marketing service and tool available in the market today. It grew to popularity due to its forever free” plan. It is an industry favorite and marketers all over the world have been using Mailchimp for Small business Email Marketing. But recently, due to the increasing pricing and declining quality of service, many users are switching from Mailchimp.

Though still, this email marketing automation solution is used by companies in over 175 countries and is used to send over 6 billion messages per week.

However, to avoid paying the increasing price, there are other tons of email marketing services that can fit your needs better. And if you are the one looking for Best Mailchimp Alternatives in 2020, then here we are with the 10 Best Mailchimp alternatives with good email marketing capabilities.

Pepipost + Mautic

So do I have to use one service or two? If this is the first thought in your mind, then just hang on. Let me explain. Pepipost as you know, is one of the most world-renowned Email SMTP Service and it also happens to be the largest in Asia.

Predominantly, Pepipost have had been an Email SMTP Relay Service, which you can use with any of the automation tools as you like. However, in recent times, Pepipost provides you with an offering that you probably won’t be able to deny. With the promise to support Open Source Integrations, Pepipost now integrates with two of the largest Open Source Email Marketing Automation Tools, Mautic and Mailtrain.

But why do you need to do this open-source integration when you have tools that can provide you both?

Two Reasons-

  1. Better Deliverability
  2. Inexpensive

And the icing on the cake, you get to have a 24*7 Live Chat Support as well.

Have a look at the pricing comparison between Mandrill (Mailchimp Email Sending) and Pepipost.

And if you think this is going to be an addition in our leg work, then essentially it is not.

How to Integrate Pepipost with any Email Marketing Automation Tool.

Well, it’s as easy as anything you can imagine. All you have to do it Sign up and Pepipost, Complete the domain verification process and in the Email Marketing tab of a Menu option, you can find Open Source Integrations.

You can also read the detailed guide below.

Integrate Pepipost with Mautic

Integrate Pepipost with Mailtrain 

Also, for any issue you face while integrating; Pepipost provides dedicated Live chat support – 24×7.

SendinBlue Pricing and Review

SendinBlue is another Mailchimp alternative and a popular email marketing service. With SendinBlue, you can send transactional emails to your subscribers’ lists. It even lets you track the emails to find out open rate, bounce rate, click rate, etc. It comes with the SMS marketing service. You can integrate this software with help through API, classic SMTP parameters, postfix configuration & PHP library.

Its other notable features include drag and drop email builder, A/B testing for emails and advanced reporting for an optimized email marketing campaign. You can perform the deliverability test & access open rates, click-through rates that will help you in the analysis and further implementations. It serves you with several templates for easy email creation and campaign personalization. It comes with live support as well.

Price: 300 emails/day with unlimited contacts are free. The starting cost for the basic plan is $25 / month.

Omnisend Ecommerce Marketing

Next in the list, we have, Omnisend which offers omnichannel marketing automation with a platform that’s built for e-commerce. You can create emails, SMSes, and automation workflows easily using their visual drag-and-drop builder. Omnisend even helps you create sign up forms, popups, and landing pages to help you build your email list.

Omnisend is the perfect Mailchimp alternative for those who run an e-commerce store or sell online. Unlike more general email marketing platforms, Omnisend offers ecommerce-friendly features, like a product picker that pulls inventory directly from your store and populates it instantly in your email.

But Omnisend doesn’t just stop at email: with this platform you can add several channels to the same automation workflow: email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and more.

Price: Omnisend offers a free plan for basic email marketing which allows for up to 15,000 email sends per month. Their Standard Plan which includes automation starts out at $16 per month.

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is yet another best Mailchimp alternative in 2020 that offers a reliable email marketing tool. It is the tool best suited for growing businesses. It lets you create professional marketing emails to engage your audience. It features an easy drag-and-drop email builder option, and even goal-based templates are available.

HubSpot’s email platform is featured with the free CRM tool that allows access to valuable contact insights and delivers personalized emails to your subscribers. This one is a free email tool that includes basic features like campaign management, forms, and contact management. You can even set up auto-responder emails when subscribers click on a specific page on your website.

Pricing: There is a free tool available. But you can upgrade to around $42 a month for the starter pack or £655 per month for the full features.

Constant Contact | Pricing & Review

Constant Contact is another well-known alternative to Mailchimp. This one is a powerful email marketing tool. It lets you build emails with a simple drag-and-drop template and lets you set up exceptional automation strategies.

This email marketing software supports features like polls, coupons, events, and more. You can use its features of subject line testing, segmenting the audience, A/B testing and much more. However, the auto-responder features and storage options are somewhat limited.

Constant Contact outperforms when it comes to assigning specific tags to contacts, tracking how your users came, and what they’re looking for. It allows segmentation based on campaign engagement and demographics and has live support.

Pricing: It is available for one month free, followed by $20 for the basic plan.

Aweber | Pricing

Aweber is a Mailchimp alternative in 2020 that has been from a long time in the market as a classic email marketing tool. Aweber comes with the perfect visual campaign builder. The template it offers comes with a different palette for easier creation and is easily customizable.

The other features of this include capturing emails and creating a few basic popups. It has a limited feature of creating forms and landing pages and even a lot of options for segmentation are also not available. Apart from this, email support, phone support, and live chat are also available. AWeber comes with an easy-to-use interface, and gives you the opportunity to integrate with your favorite tools, making it an all-around choice.

Pricing: You can try it free for 30 days, and then can buy it at $19 per month for the basic account. Prices go up depending on the number of subscribers you have.


GetResponse | Pricing

GetResponse is in the market ever since Mailchimp’s existence. It was founded 15 years back but is struggling to get the right popularity. It began as an email marketing platform but now with more additions it has become the one-stop marketing solution. It has an auto-responder system that works great. Based on various parameters, you can even schedule automatic answers to emails.

It also offers a drag-and-drop email composer and campaigning option. You can either use their templates to develop your campaign or design your own beautiful emails with a few clicks. Its landing pages helps to capture more leads. GetResponse offers easy and powerful integration with apps like WordPress, Slack, Magento, etc.

Pricing: GetResponse is an affordable email marketing service for small businesses. It charges $15 for 1000 subscribers. And as the number of subscribers increases the price can go up to $1199.

Drip | Pricing & Review

Drip is the next popular e-commerce email marketing automation service and an alternative to Mailchimp. It hosts multi-channel touchpoints that help its clients reach their customers by creating social media engagement and sending emails. Drip helps to manage the users on the basis of their interaction on their website. During the buying journey, the behavior is studied, and through the automation process, it reaches out to the customers.

You can even collect the data of the users and store the information in the form of tags, events or custom fields. In addition, it also provides advanced personalization features that you can use to create custom product recommendations, discount codes, and price-drop notifications for the clients. Drip also allows integration with WooComerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce like services and so is the best option if you want eCommerce solution along with email marketing service.

Pricing: You can start your free demo anytime. However, as soon as you get 2000 subscribers you need to pay about $49. This price can go up to $122, as the number of subscribers increase.

MailerLite | Pricing and Review

MailerLite is a robust email marketing solution for all those looking for aesthetic and stylish Mailchimp alternative. With this platform, you get an email editor and email templates that are pre-designed which make it beginner-friendly, and suitable for developing different campaigns.

You can use its popups, landing pages, and the embedded signup forms that help to capture leads. MailerLite also comes with powerful email automation, personalization, and segmentation feature that you can use to target the correct users at the required time.

With MailerLite you can run the A/B split tests and analyze your email campaigning strategy and improve it.

Pricing: If you have 1000 subscribers then you can send about 12,000 emails per month for free. Its pricing plan starts at $10 where you can send unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers. As the number of subscribers reach 2500, you need to pay $15 and so on.

ConvertKit | Pricing

Another popular email marketing software for authors, creators, and bloggers is CovertKit. This brand launched its software with a slogan that said-“power of Infusionsoft along with the ease of Mailchimp.” And so it is definitely a great alternative to Mailchimp. It offers the drag-and-drop email builder, along with easy automation feature that helps to send emails automatically based on the behavior of the user. And further segment the contacts along with the tags based on the interaction of their contacts with your emails.

If you are using ConvertKit, then you can make use of the customizable option forms and beautiful landing page templates to enhance your email list. It even allows easy integration with the popular lead generation tools, third-party CRM software, and more. It is undoubtedly a powerful automation platform for marketing.

Pricing: You can start with your ConvertKit free account anytime, however, your number of subscribers will be limited. Its paid plan starts at $29 per month. Also if you pay the entire amount at one go, ConvertKit offers you a discount of two months. So you can enjoy the ConvertKit features for 12 months by paying just for 10 months.

Thus Concluding…

So these were the 10 best Mailchimp alternatives in 2020 to consider. All the above mentioned serviced are the preferred ones worldwide and worth trying email marketing service. But whenever choosing a Bulk Email Service you ought to keep following three things in mind-

  • The Deliverability
  • Pricing Structure
  • Support (If anything goes haywire)

And whichever automation tool does justice with your requirement, feel free to pick them up. For any doubts and queries do drop in a comment or talk to any of our support engineers.

Till then, Happy Sending.


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