List of Popular Mautic Plugins and Integrations

Last Updated, 2020-02-28 mautic

Mautic is a powerful email automation tool and you can easily send millions of emails using the versatile email campaign builder that Mautic provides. Even though Mautic in itself is a complete tool for most of your email marketing and automation requirements, but there is a number of popular plugins which extends Mautic functionality and make it a powerful tool for all your needs.

List of Popular Mautic Plugins

WP Mautic

This Mautic WordPress Plugin inserts Mautic tracking code on your WordPress website. Because of this integration, your Mautic instance will be able to track the visitor's behaviour of your website.

Ninja Forms

This is a Ninja Forms plugin on Wordpress which allows you to save Ninja Forms data to your Mautic instance.


This WordPress plugin can be used to sync user data from WooCommerce to your Mautic instance.


This plugin enables syncing of user data from Facebook Ads as leads into your Mautic instance.


This plugin enables integration between Facebook Custom Audience and your Mautic segments.

Mautic Rails

This is a Ruby on Rails helper for Mautic API and forms.

Mautic RSS to E-mail

This Mautic plugin allows you to send emails from RSS feeds.

Name Sanitizer

This simple Mautic plugin is used to fix common issues with names on your email lists.

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