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An email api that supports blazing fast email delivery powered by AI for your critical emails.


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"Analise a qualidade de
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Integrate your application easily with SMTP or RESTful api. Libraries are available in your favorite programming language. Easy documentation will guide you all the way to email api integration.
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Say hello to Blaze, our homegrown MTA powered by AI within our email api to optimize speed and deliverability. Whether you need incredible speed with your transactional emails or better inbox delivery for your marketing emails, Blaze leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency.

"Analise a qualidade de
seus e-mails. "

Leverage detailed dashboards that allow you to drill down on every phase of your send through email api. Look beyond opens and clicks to advanced insights like deliverability health score, speed of delivery, and inbox placement of your emails. Get AI insights that always provide suggestions to optimize your email campaign performance.
Analise a qualidade de seu e-mail
Otimize a maneira como você envia

"Otimize a maneira como
você envia "

Every inbox is crowded today. We receive more emails than we can read. And every email is dreaming of your attention. Netcore email api service ensures your emails are landing at the top of inboxes at the right time through Send Time Optimization. You have a higher probability of engagement and gaining users' attention when they are most attentive to their emails.

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Enjoy white-glove email api service to ensure smooth onboarding. Email api integration, migration, or deliverability, we will be there with you every step of the way. Awarded "Best Support" by G2, you know you'll be in good hands.
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Segurança de ponta a ponta dos seus dados

Segurança de ponta a ponta dos seus dados

Integration with our email api ensures end to end safety through regulatory compliance. Netcore is GDPR and CCPA compliant. Access control on the app, mandatory 2FA, opportunistic and enforced TLS, and optional one-way encryption make you more secure. We ensure your emails have a safe trip right when it takes off from your application until it reaches the user's mailbox.
FAQs on Email API
What is Email API? Dropdown Arrow
APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are interfaces that help add new features to your existing applications without additional maintenance. You can add email sending capabilities to your applications or websites with email sending API. The emails can be triggered based on specific schedules or sent once an action on the web interface triggers an email.
How to send email using API? Dropdown Arrow
Email API allows you to send emails to your recipients using your sending domain. You would need an API Key to authenticate your API requests. Each API request will enable you to send an email to single or multiple recipients.
How to integrate Email API in PHP? Dropdown Arrow
There are two ways in which we can do the email integration with Netcore API:
  • Netcore public Email API - It is an open API for public usage that can directly integrate into the user application.
  • SDK - An SDK is a set of conveniently provided tools for easy setup for working with an external API, which the vendor provides. Netcore provides SDKs for most of the popular programming languages, including PHP.
For using either integration, you need to have an API Key to authenticate your API requests. Each API call will enable you to send an email to single or multiple recipients.

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