Zenius achieves a 71% uptick in Feature Adoption using Netcore’s No-code Product Experience platform

Zenius achieves a 71% uptick in Feature Adoption using Netcore's No-code Product Experience platform

Key Results
Increase in click rates
Uptick in users' sharing data

Company: Zenius Education is a leading ed-tech from Indonesia which provides educational access services in the Indonesian language.

 Zenius aspires to bring an educational revolution in Indonesia by prioritizing critical, logical, rational thinking, and integrated scientific knowledge for all Indonesian students.

Website: https://www.zenius.net/

Industry: Edutech

Region: Indonesia

Category: Product Experience

Solutions used: Netcore’s no-code product experience platform
(Nudges, Segmentation, A/B testing)


Zenius faced some challenges in achieving these goals, where Netcore stepped in with its no-code product experience platform to improve onboarding, highlight critical features, and motivate users to verify their mobile numbers and convert. 


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

  • Segmentation: Netcore suggested Zenius adopt segmentation and create segments for: (Grades 1-6/6-9/10-12), Free and Premium, and Course Started/No, Verified/Non-Verified users.
  • No-code Nudge Journeys: Netcore suggested triggering nudges across each stage of the user journey.
  • A/B Testing: Netcore also suggested an A/B Testing method to test user experience and go ahead with the winning variant across multiple use cases.


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