William Penn

William Penn achieves 10.68X ROI with Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered Personalization and Customer Engagement Suite

Key Results
Contribution to overall revenue generated
ROI in terms of investment made to Netcore
Contribution to the total products purchased
Contribution to the total products added to cart

Company: William Penn is a multi-brand lifestyle-driven retailer offering fine writing instruments.


Industry: Ecommerce

Location: India

Category: Personalization

Solution Used: Personalization, Raman


William Penn wanted to improve product discovery and conversions on its ecommerce store. The marketing team wanted to increase customer engagement by exploring AI-driven innovation and make it easier for its customers to discover products they loved. They partnered with Netcore to increase conversion rates on their website and grow the overall revenue.


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore partnered with William Penn and helped them achieve their objectives with its AI-led personalized product recommendation strategy:

  • Deployment of AI engine, Raman, and Neural Networks: To understand customers in real-time and show them personalized recommendations based on what they are most likely to purchase.
  • AI-led personalized widgets: Deployed across different stages of the customer journey on the website, i.e., Product Listing Page and Product Display Page.
  • Data-backed automated customer journeys: Deployed to increase engagement and reduce customer drop-offs.
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