Snapdeal partners with Netcore to achieve a whopping 127% uplift in revenue through email campaigns

Snapdeal partners with Netcore to achieve a whopping 127% uplift in revenue through email campaigns

Key Results
Total uplift in revenue from the email channel
Boost in total orders booked
Increase in app and website visitors

Company: Snapdeal was founded in 2010 and has become one of India’s top four online lifestyle eCommerce platforms. It has over 550 million monthly web page views and 200 million app installations, with 14.82 million annual transacting users. Of the 19,000+ pin codes in India, Snapdeal covers 96.65% for door delivery.

Website Link:

Industry: Ecommerce

Location: India

Solution Used: Email Marketing


In response to rapidly growing business needs, Snapdeal wanted to widen their reachability, enhance the collection of email IDs in their database, and maintain IP/ domain reputation while scaling up.


Primary challenges:

  • Reduce dependency on WhatsApp/App Push
  • Increase the reach of email campaigns
  • Improve IP and domain reputation consistency.



Snapdeal partnered with Netcore to create and execute a three-pronged strategy covering data, content, and reputation management.

Data strategy:

  • Netcore helped Snapdeal add, sort, and enhance customer data to effectively target only active users.
  • Snapdeal improved identification processes based on sub-categories like men’s fashion, women’s footwear, kids’ wear, home and decor, etc., and ensured smart segmentation.

Content revamp:

  • As recommended by Netcore, Snapdeal introduced dynamic innovations in their emails, such as a countdown timer, GIFs, and more.
  • Snapdeal focused on a sub-category based weekly plan to enrich targeted messaging as advised by Netcore.
  • A/B testing by Netcore to decide the email length and the choice between GIF and static images helped Snapdeal optimize campaigns for maximum reach and efficiency.

Domain and IP reputation management:

  • Netcore assisted Snapdeal in adding a new subdomain to separate, regulate, and track mail flow to improve reputation and deliverability.
  • Daily monitoring by Netcore enabled Snapdeal to take corrective measures and positive iterations to enhance their IP reputation.
  • Snapdeal implemented a Sunset Policy suggested by Netcore to improve email list hygiene for better user engagement.


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