Netcore Cloud’s CE boosts Nutraj’s conversions by 60%

Netcore Cloud's CE boosts Nutraj's conversions by 60%

Key Results

Uplift in Conversions
Increase in First Purchase

Company:, India’s largest online shop for healthy bites, offers the finest variety of nuts and dried fruits from around the world. We leverage an extensive global network that has been cultivated over the past 90 years, to source the best produce from various parts of mother earth. delivers excellent quality nuts and dried fruits at the most competitive prices, right at your doorstep.

Industry: D2C Food & Bevarage

Location: Pan-India

Category: Customer Engagement, PX, AMP

Solutions used: Journey, Web, and Email Automation, Push Notifications


 The brand aimed to increase customer engagement, conversions, and revenue. They were looking for a Digital Experience platform that would automate their ‘on’ and ‘offsite’ user journeys to reach out to customers to promote first purchases, retention, and ultimately upsell and cross-sell.

The primary challenges were:

  • User drop-offs during onboarding
  • Generating Relevant Recommendations for Personalized CX
  • Ineffective reporting and analytics


Nutraj chose Netcore Cloud to automate their marketing campaigns and integrate AI capabilities so they could provide personalized recommendations on their website and via email seamlessly.

Automated journeys enhanced their customer experience, onsite and offsite. When users visit particular pages on their website or complete a specific activity, automated web push notifications and emails are triggered to nudge them to convert at each stage of the user journey.

Additionally, the nudges delivered the dual benefit of promoting conversions and frictionless onboarding to mitigate user drop-offs.

Web messages were deployed for exit intent and the automated email recommendations made the customer journey memorable even after they checked out.

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