MPH witnessed 70% uplift in survey participation with Netcore’s no-code nudges

MPH witnessed 70% uplift in survey participation with Netcore's no-code nudges

Key Results
Uplift in Survey Responses

Mpowered Health (MPH) is a leading provider of Healthcare Interoperability solutions, empowering consumers to take control of their healthcare journey and make informed decisions. Their mobile application offers various services, including medical record consolidation, test result display, bill payments, insurance shopping, and more. MPH connects users with multiple health plans and providers while streamlining their healthcare records.


Industry: Healthtech

Region: India

Category: Product Experience

Solutions used: Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform


  • Understanding user preference
  • Enhancing user experience
  • Increasing partner subscription


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

The Netcore team closely collaborated with Mpowered to enhance app engagement through the use of interactive Nudges. They implemented a series of survey Nudges on the homepage, effectively guiding customers towards their desired actions within the app.

Through these Nudges, Mpowered Health successfully redirected confused users to the appropriate pages within the app. This not only facilitated customers in discovering and adding partners but also led to increased partner additions on the B2B side. Partners gained a clearer understanding of the benefits associated with Mpowered Health.

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