Language Curry

Language Curry experiences a 93.64% increase in user engagement with Netcore’s no-code Product Experience Platform

Key Results
Increase in users engaging after registering on the app
Increase in users wanting to move on to a new chapter

Company: Language Curry, founded in 2019, is a Language Learning platform built to help users across the globe learn Indian languages quickly with a superior pedagogy and interactive gamified app interface. 

Industry: Online language learning

Location: India

Category: Product Experience

The solution used: Netcore no-code Product Experience


Encourage users to take lessons and improve user engagement rates across user journeys.

Language Curry was required to create multiple user segments for each language to achieve higher user engagement, which was difficult due to limited resources.

These roadblocks made it difficult for Language Curry to tackle low engagement across the user journey.


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore’s no-code Product Experience Platform helped Language Curry

Language Curry’s primary objective was to boost user onboarding and user engagement by deploying nudges.

Netcore deployed no-code spotlight nudges on upcoming Levels, Chapters, and Live sessions for each user. 

The benefits of these nudges are as follows: 

  • Triggering no-code spotlight without any engineering efforts.
  • Each user is presented with nudges to take action and level up their learning. 
  • Each nudge is sent out depending on each user’s learning status.
  • Creating nudge journeys across different languages without any effort put into user segmentation.
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