Fintech company Indodana achieves 20% uplift in MAU using Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement platform

Key Results
Uplift in email open rate
Increase in MAUs

Company: Indodana is a leading Indonesian financial technology company that operates a credit marketplace for peer-to-peer loans.

Industry: Fintech

Location: Indonesia

Category: Customer Engagement

Solutions Used: Customer Engagement


  • Manual emails: Without automation, subscribers received too many emails
  • Low open and click rates: Email and APN recipients were most responsive only when they first subscribed, after which interest level declined.
  • Low MAUs: Different users exhibited different behavior and some segments were dormant for a long time.


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered customer engagement helped Indodana by: 

  • Segmentation and Journeys: Different segments based on past engagement were created to optimally reach both active and inactive customers.
  • Optimized email send times: Each email subscriber was profiled based on previous data to understand real-time behavior and optimize for best send times
  • App push notifications: Netcore helped send targeted discount notifications with A/B tests to Indodana app users that helped with engagement.
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