100% drop in Missing Complaints for a Major Bank

No more missing email complaints for the bank's customers after attaining high deliverability
Key results
100% decrease
drop in Missing Email Complaints
Inbox Deliverability
Bounced Emails within a Quarter
A major bank with over 14 million customers sends out transactional emails for banking. They use email for online banking, home loan statements, credit card statements and ATM transactions. All of those messages are important and expected to be received by their customers, on time and in the inbox.
Southeast Asia
Deliverability, Bounce Management, Segmentation, Real-Time Reports
Solution Used:
Netcore Email


Unfortunately, none of their emails were making it to the Inbox. Customer satisfaction was suffering, and complaints were growing.

To make it worse, their in-house system did not provide any visibility into performance. Plus, they did not have the ability to handle bounces properly without significant effort and manual methods.


Netcore’s Strategy

Like many clients who use in-house systems, they needed some convincing that a 3rd party is a better option. Once they got over that hurdle, we went to work.

  • First thing we fixed – email spam issue
  • Addressed their reputation issues, through best practices, data management and our proprietary deliverability methods
  • Used our warm-up method. This method uses segmentation based on priority to ensure that the emails that were most important were delivered the fastest.
  • Bounces were reduced due to the list pruning services provided by Pepipost, where we removed invalid email ids
  • We cleansed the data, and then put our SMTP servers to work moving forward. Then the bank was offered real-time reports through Pepipost, providing data visibility to the bank.
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