Rule-base Personalization: Unlocking Higher Website Conversions With Data-Driven Experimentation

As a marketer, with the help of AI technology, you can understand your customers’ past and real-time actions, inactions, needs, and intents.

Real-Time Personalization: Why Understanding Consumer Behavior is the Secret to Crafting 1:1 Customer Experiences

AI-led personalization comes to play—making it easy for you as a brand to Retain your Customers and make them feel the happiest

The Ultimate E-commerce Product Recommendation Guide for 2020

E-commerce platforms don’t have the benefit of a sales assistant who would accompany customers in their shopping journey in the Brick and Mortar st...

E-commerce: Delivering Delightful Customer Experiences Through Personalization

Global statistics support the fact that, on an average, more than 50% of the online users find more interesting products on a personalized online r...

Reducing Ecommerce Bounce Rates using Data Personalization Techniques

As an e-commerce brand, you may have encountered many visitors that may stay on your website for a few seconds but later bounce away without really...

AI-based Personalization Trends Redefining Marketing in Travel

With the marketing technologies evolving at an incredible pace, the customer expectations are growing too. The new-age customer expects noth…

The E-Commerce Marketers Guide to Deep Personalization

‘In a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is just ignore stuff.’ – Seth Godin. Today’s ecommerce plat...

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