Adapting to uncertain times: 10 ways to pivot your email program that supports your customers

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Over the course of the lockdown months, we’ve observed some brands at cross-roads on what they should do next to survive this pandemic? While some decided to shrug at the crisis and continue the same business model, others didn’t think of a pivot and hoped that they would create a demand for the same products they were trying to sell pre-quarantine. These brands failed to innovate, re-think, and re-analyze their marketing and business strategies to combat the pandemic.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Delivering value-added content to your users
  • How to promote your products but tailor them to the needs of your customers
  • Setting the right expectations with the customers to avoid disappointing them
  • Being proactive in list cleaning for post-lockdown mailing
  • Catering to the work-from-home lifestyle
  • Leveraging the power of AI and personalized conversations

Uncertain times like the pandemic crisis lead to the survival of the wittiest. The objective is simple: Provide solutions to current customer problems and get their business in return.


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