World’s 3rd Largest Hotel Chain Achieves a 2x Increase Customer Engagement with Netcore

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Key Achievements:

  • 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid
  • 94%+ Inboxing rate with very high inboxing to Gmail
  • Emails Landed in Gmail Primary Tab
  • Significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach


In this fast-paced marketing world, you would be keen on chalking a strategy that would multifold your reach and engagement. However, learning through the success stories of other companies would help in scaling up achieving your goals faster.

Thus, we bring you the case study of the world’s 3rd Largest Hotel Chain with more than 23,000+ hotels in 800+ cities in 18 countries around the world, demonstrating how they improved their reach and engagement with the help of Netcore’s AI-powered Delivery Expertise.


  • The brand needed a scalable email delivery partner to help increase its inboxing rates.
  • Wanted a new ESP for improvement in inbox deliverability and engagement was essential, with the business growing.
  • Needed a Sendgrid alternative for help to improve open and click rates.

Netcore’s Strategy:

  • Our AI Engine helped the brand get reliable scaling in email delivery, with the business expanding, knowing how ISPs will react to various sending patterns
  • Better deliverability was suggested based on business and email needs.
  • Netcore’s pro-active and dedicated email expert, with the help of monitoring tools like eDatasource, eased the burden of scaling up the email-program.

Why Choose Netcore for Email

AI-Powered Email Delivery & Campaigns
Powerful Transactional APIs for seamless integration
Actionable Analytics for Email Intelligence
Advanced Customer segmentation, Send time & Subject line optimization
Managed Consulting Services by Email Experts
White-Glove Services for smooth onboarding

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