Leading Job Site in the US Achieves Uplift in Deliverability and Engagement with Netcore

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Key Achievements:

23% Increase in Inbox Placement Rate

42% Uplift in Open rates

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Overview: A leading job site, headquartered in the United States, allows employers to connect with more than 60 million candidates, target the right talent, and place custom advertisements. The Job site sends millions of promotional and transactional emails on a daily basis. They are dependent on email marketing for their website traffic and revenue from jobs provided to the successful candidates.

Challenge: They were facing email deliverability issues due to the block-listing of their domain(sending marketing emails) in Spamhaus. We know that when your sending domain or IP gets listed in any of the blocklists, it can be a complete show stopper for your email activity. The emails being sent from a blocked domain or IP is either rejected by the recipient servers or simply put in the spam folder by the ISPs. Brand X was going through a similar fate.

Solution: Our deliverability team helped brand X to repair their email deliverability up to a remarkable extent. There was additional improvement in campaign performance with engagement metrics due to our expert consulting.


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AI-Powered Email Delivery & Campaigns
Powerful Transactional APIs for seamless integration
Actionable Analytics for Email Intelligence
Advanced Customer segmentation, Send time & Subject line optimization
Managed Consulting Services by Email Experts
White-Glove Services for smooth onboarding