Survey Report: How do your users feel about your Emails in the current crisis?

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In this report, you will learn:

  • Is Email still the preferred mode of communication?
  • Increasing the brand equity with COVID-19 communication
  • Tips on Automation and Product Recommendations
  • Thoughts on the new normal

Currently, we are seeing an unprecedented disruption in peoples’ lifestyles in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has changed the way we spend our time, work, socialize, and interact with each other. We wanted to test the email users and observe how their email habits have changed during the home isolation period of corona crisis. This was done by conducting a global survey with 1000+ average email users. We asked them pointed questions on how their behaviour towards responding to marketing emails has changed since the onset of restrictions and self-quarantine.

We bring you this report so you can align your email program to meet consumer expectations better during and after the unprecedented crisis like we are facing now. As customer priorities have significantly changed in the last 3 months marketer needs to adapt to the changing landscape quickly.


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