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Are your emails inboxing?

Your amazingly crafted emails won’t be giving you the best ROI if they don’t reach your subscribers’ inbox. Our email health report can help you check your email program’s inboxing, open, click and unsubscribe rates. A thorough analysis is the first step you need to build a healthy email program.

What is your domain and reputation?

Your Domain Reputation and IP reputation directly affects your Sender Reputation Score. Which in turn impacts your email deliverability. Our Email Health Report tells you your Domain and IP status which is most likely the reason for your undelivered emails.
Domain Health and domain score
Email Health Report

Is your SPF, DKIM & DMARC proper?

Setting up a mail client-server might seem like a very simple and effortless task. Especially if you are using an auto-configuration script. But it is a very important step and a small mistake may create blunders. We will review your configuration and make sure an error in your set up is not causing you email delivery problems.

Is your domain & IP blacklisted?

Did you know that there are 100+ publicly available Spam Blacklists?

But when was the last time you checked whether your Domain is blacklisted on them or not. An important practice which often skips our mind. Our report will keep an eye out for whether your domain is blacklisted.

Email Spam blacklists
Email Health Report

Does your content have hidden spam trigger words?

One of the primary reasons why your Emails are landing in Spams is that you probably use certain Spam Trigger Words.

You won’t know what to avoid when you are unaware of the Trigger Keywords. We are here to help you, our report will flag out what keywords you shouldn’t be using.