23m 04s

A Top 50 CMO from Down Under, Mark Baartse, shares his views on how digital brands can reorient their user growth and CX framework during and post COVID-19. Tune in now!

25m 52s

A super-insightful episode with the leading Martech guru and Godfather of CDPs, David Raab, where we discuss the impact of personalization across key industries.

15m 36s

We caught up with Nguyen Thinh, Head of Marketing, Fahasa a leading online bookstore platform in Vietnam that re-positioned itself with marketing automation & omnichannel personalization in a post COVID-19…

20m 07s

To understand the changing tides of consumer behavior, we caught up with Matthias Pieringer, COO and Julien Marie, Marketing Technology Officer at MetroDeal, Philippines.

30m 04s

Shashank Misra, Senior Product Manager, Ferns N Petals (FNP) shares the impact of personalization and predictive recommendations across key industries,

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