I want to listen about Email Personalization

44m 15s
Your email data segmentation strategy can make or break your email marketing ROI. The good thing is most email marketers are well-aware o...
50m 32s
Many email marketers end up scratching their heads when they don’t get desired results from their email campaigns. But most of the time, ...
34m 58s

Tune in Now! Chad White and Chaitanya Chinta join us to shed light on the actionable items that can help reduce your email subscriber churn and retain quality customers.

41m 43s

Chad White, Head of Research at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting sits down with Dennis Dayman to share some fresh data as we rethink the launching pad for your …

38m 23s

Tune in to hear from Lauren Meyer VP of Industry Relations and Compliance Kickbox and Dennis Dayman about adapting email strategy to the current COVID19 centric…

41m 58s

Tune in to hear Kait Creamer, CRM Marketing Manager, Framer & Dennis Dayman talk about how to make sure your messaging is useful and appropriate for these unprecedented times.

33m 49s

In this episode, Dennis Dayman talks with Jeanne Jennings, Founder, and Chief Strategist at Email Optimization Shop, about contribution and communication during these…

39m 36s

In this episode, Dennis Dayman talks with Matthew Vernhout, Director, Privacy & Industry Relations, Validity how Email has the highest ROI as compared to any communication channel out there.

11m 34s

Launching ‘Email Unplugged’. Master your email communication and get those numbers jumping with the best ROI in the market! Also, know what Netcore is giving away to all email lovers through COVID-19 Relief Program!


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