Personalization Playbook: Reimagining Offline-to-Online Retail With D2C E-Commerce

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The global retail industry is going to lose almost $2.1 trillion in 2020 alone. That’s a de-growth of almost 10%. While the offline retail industry is looking for regrowth silver bullets, the e-commerce sector is witnessing blistering growth across categories.

Large consumer segments that relied heavily on offline retail are migrating online for reasons of safety, comfort, and convenience. And, as a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand; the time is perfect to strengthen your online presence – complementing your offline retail channels.

In this Ebook, you will learn:

  • Why D2C e-commerce is more important than ever in the post-COVID-19 world
  • Identify how you can get a consolidated customer data layer in place
  • Grasp how omnichannel personalization helps you increase customer retention and CLTV vs. only focusing on customer acquisition
  • Identify the metrics that matter most to your D2C e-commerce business

Why not reduce your reliance on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and instead set up and solidify your own e-commerce platform? Focus on crafting 1:1 customer experiences with AI-led personalization to keep your carefully acquired customers coming back for more. Again and again!

Why Choose Netcore for Omnichannel Personalization

Patented AI-based model

Algorithms that improve your web & app conversions by predicting &
sharing right products for each customer in real-time

Quick integration Quicker results

Taking less than fifteen minutes, Smartech was built to integrate &
scale quickly to help you jump right into business

Performance Reporting

Measure conversion uplifts with advanced A/B testing within
5 weeks of integration

Personalization beyond home-page

Make shopping easy for your customers by greeting them with
personalized boutiques and communications using past data

Our Promise

10-13% increase in conversions
6-9% increase in add-to-carts
30-60% increase in CTRs
15 Minutes to integrate
5 days for going online
5 weeks to see results

Netcore vs Others

Long story short to help you make the correct choice


  • Integration takes 240 hours
  • Personalization on some pages
  • No personalization on messaging
  • No ownership of KPI
  • Click-stream data


  • Integration takes 15 minutes
  • Personalized boutiques & more
  • Personalization across communications
  • KPI uplift with proof of concept
  • Click & eye-ball data
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