Mobile App Personalization: 10 Ways to Convert and Retain App Users at Scale

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Coverpage Mobile App Personalization

Your users expect and demand an end-to-end, tailor-made customer experience, right from first-time app launch. This assumes even greater significance across industries such as e-commerce, OTT, and news and media. The essence of personalization lies in delivering a rich and unique 1:1 user experience across multiple touchpoints. This implies that you need to activate other critical mobile marketing channels such as emails and app push notifications to continue delivering these personalized recommendations.

In this Ebook, you will learn:

  • How to deliver highly differentiated user experiences at scale
  • To deliver a rich and unique 1:1 user experience across multiple digital touchpoints
  • How to enhance customer experience and lead to user retention
  • Re-targeting with omnichannel personalization

At Netcore, we understand how important 1:1 personalization is across platforms, channels, and devices to your omnichannel marketing efforts. And, with that in mind, we’ve bolstered this Ebook.

Why Choose Netcore for Omnichannel Personalization

Patented AI-based model

Algorithms that improve your web & app conversions by predicting &
sharing right products for each customer in real-time

Quick integration Quicker results

Taking less than fifteen minutes, Smartech was built to integrate &
scale quickly to help you jump right into business

Performance Reporting

Measure conversion uplifts with advanced A/B testing within
5 weeks of integration

Personalization beyond home-page

Make shopping easy for your customers by greeting them with
personalized boutiques and communications using past data

Our Promise

10-13% increase in conversions
6-9% increase in add-to-carts
30-60% increase in CTRs
15 Minutes to integrate
5 days for going online
5 weeks to see results

Netcore vs Others

Long story short to help you make the correct choice


  • Integration takes 240 hours
  • Personalization on some pages
  • No personalization on messaging
  • No ownership of KPI
  • Click-stream data


  • Integration takes 15 minutes
  • Personalized boutiques & more
  • Personalization across communications
  • KPI uplift with proof of concept
  • Click & eye-ball data
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