Contextual Nudges & Walkthroughs: The New App Retention Catalysts

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‘Received 3 days ago. Reply?’

Do you remember the last time you saw this cool little nudge on your Gmail?

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With the world going digital, the e-Nudge economy is catching up.

Global brands like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more are resorting to the persuasive power of e-nudges. It is high time,digital brands join the league and start building superior app experiences for their users, through contextual nudges and walkthroughs.

Delivering the right nudge to the right user at the right time of decision, can take the app metrics miles, positively. It is proven that nudges boost user engagement, retention, feature adoption, activation numbers, all going hand in hand with supreme user delight!

This said, now is the time you start acting on crafting app user experiences with contextual nudges and walkthroughs. This E-book will help you take steps in the right direction!

In this ebook, we walk you through:

  • Know how and why nudges are an important part of app user experience
  • Understand the KPIs that contextual nudges and walkthroughs impact positively
  • Learn about the multiple variants of nudges that can be used and pick the most relevant one for your user segment and app
  • Know some key implementation challenges and be prepared to act on them rightly
  • Learn and be inspired from detailed industry use cases