13 Common Personalization Myths You Must Stop Believing

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We have been seeing a lot of myths on personalization doing rounds in the marketing circle. There seems to be a lot of confusion around the implementation, its suitability, scalability, and more. Everyone seems to have different answers or versions of the truth about how personalization works. This confusion persists even among those using personalization – which, sadly, doesn’t allow them to reap the full benefits of it.

Post-reading this Ebook, you will be able to demystify:

  • Website Personalization Myths
  • Data-related Personalization Myths
  • Industry-related Personalization Myths

Check out the Ebook to understand why personalization is not just about having your customer’s first name in your emails or newsletters. It begins by understanding your user’s behavior signals – the pages they visit the most, the device they use, the frequency of their visits, their real-time behavior, and many more.

Why Choose Netcore for Email

AI-Powered Email Delivery & Campaigns
Powerful Transactional APIs for seamless integration
Actionable Analytics for Email Intelligence
Advanced Customer segmentation, Send time & Subject line optimization
Managed Consulting Services by Email Experts
White-Glove Services for smooth onboarding

Our Promise

10-13% increase in conversions
6-9% increase in add-to-carts
30-60% increase in CTRs
15 Minutes to integrate
5 days for going online
5 weeks to see results

Netcore vs Others

Long story short to help you make the correct choice


  • Integration takes 240 hours
  • Personalization on some pages
  • No personalization on messaging
  • No ownership of KPI
  • Click-stream data


  • Integration takes 15 minutes
  • Personalized boutiques & more
  • Personalization across communications
  • KPI uplift with proof of concept
  • Click & eye-ball data
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