Gifting store IGP achieves 47% campaign uplift and 2x conversions using Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement

Key Results
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Increase in campaign conversions
47% Up Arrow Green
Uplift in campaign click rates

Company : IGP is world’s 10th largest D2C platform for occasions and celebrations

Industry : D2C, Gifting

Location : India

Category : Customer Engagement

Solutions Used : Customer Engagement

Challenges :

  • Manual email scheduling : Scheduling manual meant that not everyone got it at the best times and many emails were left unopened
  • Showing catalog in notifications : Simple notifications didn’t do enough justice to showcase IGP’s vast catalog
  • Customers forgot special occasions : Customers had a tendency to forget special occasions and end up trying to buy gifts at the last moment


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy :

Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered customer engagement helped IGP by : 

  • Segmentation and Journeys : Advanced segments based on past engagement and split journeys were created to optimally reach both active and inactive customers.
  • Mensagens no sistema : In-app messages were deployed to display discounts and occasion-based offers to boost conversions in in-app purchases.
  • App push notifications : Netcore helped send targeted notifications to IGPapp users about discounts with split journeys that helped with conversions and adoption.

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