Top European Watchmaker

Top European Watchmaker Increases E-Commerce Conversions by 16%

Key results
16% Increase
Increase in overall
website conversions
77% Increase
Increase in CTRs
on the Home Page
197% Increase
Increase in CTRs on
the Product Display Page
236% Increase
Increase in CTRs on
the Product Listing Page
Top European Watchmaker
Personalized product recommendations
Solution Used:
Netcore personalization


  • Customers struggled to discover products that were most relevant to their tastes and preferences
  • Failure in relevant product discovery increased the drop-off rate on the website and resulted in low conversion rates
  • Absence of 1:1 product recommendations to personalize the e-shopping experience and encourage customers to purchase again

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore’s AI-led product recommendations helped the brand by:

  • Providing relevant 1:1 product recommendations on different pages to drive customers towards purchase, with the help of our AI engine, Raman
  • Designing & deploying personalized product recommendation widgets – powered by User Affinity models on the Home Page
  • Using de-duplicate rules across the website to ensure that the same product wouldn’t be displayed multiple times on a page
  • Creating a Personalized Boutique Page curated with only those products that individual customers are most likely to click on or purchase

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