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Optimização do
tempo de envio

Every campaign you initiate has an associated time, effort, and monetary cost. Double down on those efforts and ensure that your communication doesn't get lost in your customers' inbox or app notification center. Send out strategically-timed campaigns only at your customer's preferred time. The more timely your campaign, the greater the engagement!

Campaign title optimizer

If your campaign title can't convey the relevant appropriateness or strike a chord with your customers, they will go unopened. Raman helps analyze and score your campaign titles, suggests high-conversion keywords, does a sentiment analysis of your titles, and offers data-backed insights on 'why' his suggestions will work. Now, club AI with marketer intuition!

Preferred channel

Your customers are individuals with unique preferences - some are active over emails, some over mobile apps, and some on your website. Raman analyzes your customer's behavior and recommends each customer's preferred channel of engagement. Use this deep behavioral insight to invest in your resources wisely, reduce customer acquisition costs, and craft personalized customer interactions easily!
Our customers love our intelligent engagement!
CMOs, Growth Hacker, e PMs em empresas centradas no cliente de todas as dimensões e indústrias confiam na Netcore.
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ThomasCook Testimonial
Raman AI Engine hnam
Raman AI Engine Group 19610
Their email campaign performance is 2x of average industry standards. We have partnered with them for 4+ years now.
Aashish Kumar
Senior Manager - CRM & Growth
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Raman AI Engine Group 19519
Seen an uplift of 20-25% in Open Rates through ML features. This enabled us to reach out to the customer at the most optimal time for a customer.
Raman AI Engine kotak_securities
Jaimit Doshi
EVP - Kotak Securities
Kotak Client
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Raman AI Engine Group 19507 3
Raman helped Mothercare Indonesia to achieve 1.5x uplift in Email Open rates and 3x uplift in Click rates using Send Time Optimization.
Justin Joseph
GM & Group Head, Digital Marketing
mothercare 2
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Raman AI Engine Group 19507 1
Solved our biggest problem: low rates of push notification delivery. ML-powered automated and personalized engagement also helped us boost lead generation.
thomascook 1
Abraham Alapatt
President & Group Head
ThomasCook Testimonial
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Raman AI Engine Group 19507 2
Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant. Would recommend others to try them out!
missamara testimonial client
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager
missamara 2
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Raman AI Engine Group 19520
Leading Vietnam-based e-commerce platform for electronic gadgets uses Netcore's Personalized Product Recommendation widgets to boost conversions & revenues
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