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Feature Adoption

Guide users to
what they need to see!

Highlight key features and drive feature adoption

Feature Adoption
Improve feature
discovery and adoption
Create feature mini-tours
Reinforce habit loops for users

Impulsione a descoberta e
adoção de recursos

Elevate key feature sets, programs, and offers with feature adoption display nudges. Use nudges to help users discover these features for maximum feature engagement and conversion
Drive feature discovery and adoption
Address cart abandonment and boost LTV in one go

Address cart abandonment
and boost LTV in one go

Nudge users towards check out by showcasing how their purchase would drive towards their loyalty program. Do this by leveraging in-app and user data within the feature adoption nudges

Reinforce habit loops for
at-risk user segments

Users who don’t leverage key features might be at risk of churn. Identify these users, anchor a beacon nudge next to the key feature and target them right!
Reinforce habit loops for at-risk user segments
Create a new feature mini-tour after updates

Create a new feature
mini-tour after updates

There are new layouts, new features, and new experiences for users to explore. The challenge lies in easily informing and instructing users about them. Create an unlimited number of feature adoption nudges with no-code

Trigger native functionality
with CTAs

The ultimate goal of showcasing features to users is to get them, not just to use the feature, but to derive value from it as well. Help users get feature value quickly by triggering native functionality within the call to action
Trigger native functionality with CTAs
FAQ's on Feature Adoption

What is feature adoption ?

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Feature adoption is the process of users regularly engaging and using your product's features because it solves a problem for them. It's simply a measure of the usage across features. It's a key metric to measure engagement and retention. The higher the feature adoption, the more value users get out of your app/website and the more likely they're to stick to the app.

How do you improve feature adoption ?

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The key to improving feature adoption is understanding which features are relevant to which user segments. Understand the user's jobs-to-be-done, analyze their past behaviour/interactions on the app and demographic data and based on that highlight specific features to specific users and nudge them to engage with it.

How does onboarding impact product and feature adoption ?

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Onboarding is a process that shows how a product and its features function. It is an excellent way of highlighting how your app/website and it's features can help users solve their problems. Onboarding is the very first stage of the user journey and a good onboarding flow highlights the core app features that would help users get started on the app and thus hooks them right, making feature adoption much easier.

What is a good feature adoption rate ?

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The adoption rate of a feature shows how successful your product is in providing solutions or convenience to your users. There is no ideal feature adoption rate. But here's how you can measure it:
Monthly Feature Adoption Rate (%) = [feature MAU / monthly logins] x 100

How to measure feature adoption ?

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A good way to measure feature adoption is by measuring metrics that impact feature adoption the most. Some of the most common metrics you must track are - DAU/MAU/WAU, average session time, engagement rate, time to value and retention rate. These metrics give you a fair insight into how users are interacting with your app and its features and help you gauge feature adoption accurately.

Our customers love feature adoption!

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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
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