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Create flawless shopping
experiences for every shopper

Build retail stores for the future with AI-powered search, merchandising, personalized recommendations and PIM.

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Personalized shopper widgets powered
Revenue uplift
Give your search & product listing pages an AI boost
Search that is intelligent and curates shopping experience to cater to unique shopper needs
Create a relevant & personalized shopping experience across search & category pages with the powerful, natural language understanding & deep learning ranking AI models. Go live hassle-free using APIs, SDKs & Plugins for various eCommerce platforms and instantly boost conversion rate and see an uplift in revenue.
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Shorten the path to purchase for your shoppers
Guide shoppers in the right direction with Rich and Powerful Autosuggest AI algorithms for your search box. Display intelligent suggestions to your shoppers based on their search behavior and your catalogue for seamless shopping experience.
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Craft a unique journey for every shopper
Provide a unique shopping experience to each shopper during search and navigation, increase repeat purchases and drive higher conversions for your business. Let the AI algorithms analyze demographics, browsing behavior, recent purchases and affinities for each shopper, understand shopper intent better and dynamically curate results to show products that the shoppers are most likely to buy.
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Customize shopping experiences with visual workbench
Control your discovery experience with customized promotions, banners, redirects & landing pages. Highlight products that matter the most. Curate product selection and ranking using merchandizing rules.
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